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School of Medicine


Welcome to the VCU School of Medicine family!

Orientation will provide a wonderful opportunity to get to know your classmates and make an early adjustment to the medical school environment.  Early acculturation has been directly associated with success in medical school.

As we anxiously await your arrival, please take a look at our Virtual Second Look. This web site is the place to check for information on Orientation, Orientation Checklist, VIP Dates, Housing, FAQs, etc. You'll find additional information such as the International/Inner City/Rural Preceptorship Program (I2CRP) and many opportunities at the VCU School of Medicine and in the City of Richmond.

We will be updating and changing things here on a fairly regular basis and I would suggest that you check it weekly. Charmaine Mendoza, Program Coordinator for Orientation Week, will be e-mailing you to let you know of special additions to the page that may require your immediate attention.

You will be expected to attend Orientation Week, Monday, August 1st through Friday, August 12th from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. The White Coat Ceremony, which is Friday, August 5th, is something that your parents and partners may wish to attend.  It might be a good idea to notify them of that date now so they can plan for it. Please keep in mind that each student is only guaranteed 4 tickets to this event.

Every year some students tell me they didn’t know about one thing or another that they were supposed to do or take care of….everything that needs to be done will be mentioned on the Orientation Checklist. The checklist is divided by "What to do BEFORE Orientation", "What to do DURING Orientation", and "What to do AFTER Orientation." So be very sure to check it regularly.

Also, review VIP Dates. Be sure you plan to attend the Financial Aid Workshop which will take place on Friday, June 10th at 8:30 am - 3:45 pm. Immunizations will need to be updated prior to your arrival. Please get your records and see a doctor to make sure you are up to date. Please check the Student Health website for necessary forms. Once completed, please note the directions on the forms for sending them directly to Student Health.

If you have additional questions pertaining to housing, curriculum, SOM campus, City of Richmond, etc., please email our Tour Guide Directors at mcvtg2019@gmail.com.

We look forward to working with you over the next several months to make your transition to medical school as comfortable as possible.


Michelle Y. Whitehurst-Cook,
M.D. Associate Dean for Admissions School of Medicine