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School of Medicine

Educational Resources

Lending Library

The following resources are available from the GME Lending Library.

DVDs and Books

  • Ethics For Residents: A Training Tool to Build Confidence and Competency
  • LIFE–Learning to address Impairment and Fatigue to Enhance patient safety
  • Disruptive Residents–A Guide to Developing and Promoting a Culture of Zero Tolerance
  • Side effects and Money Talks [the screenplay including the documentary transcript: Money Talks Profits Before Patient Safety]
  • The Medicine of Compassion
  • Ethical Issues in Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Practice-Based Learning and Improvement and Systems-Based Practice [GME Core Lecture4/15/09]
  • GME-Today: General Core Competencies [full feature demo]
  • GME-Today: General Core Competencies: Systems-Based Practice
  • GME-Today: General Core Competencies: Patient Care
  • GME-Today: General Core Competencies: Professionalism

CDs and Books

  • A Practical Guide to Teaching and Assessing the ACGME Core Competencies
  • Culturally Competent Care Guidebook
  • The Complete Residency Program Management Guide 

CDs and Pamphlets

  • Alertness Management Safety Evaluation
  • Cultural Competency Challenge
  • gMedPlace: Educate.Empower.Guide
  • Measuring the Core Competencies: Tools for compliance with ACGME, ABMS, and Joint Commission standards
  • Resident Physician Duty Hours: Implementing the New Requirements
  • Simulation Training in GME: How To Start and Run An Effective Program

Compact Disc Digital Audio

  • Linking outcomes and improvement to the ACGME Core Competencies: Documentation for Phase III


  • How Do I Say It? – The Augmentation
  • How Do I Say It? – But You Promised
  • How Do I Say It? – The Choice
  • How Do I Say It? – The Conflict
  • How Do I Say It? – Technology
  • First, Do No Harm Pt 1: A Case Study of Systems Failure (video and facilitator’s guide)
  • First, Do No Harm Pt 2: Taking the Lead (video and facilitator’s guide)
  • World’s Apart – A Four–Part Series on Cross–Cultural Healthcare (video and facilitator’s guide)

Cassette Tape

  • Professionalism: Yes! It Can Be Taught and Assessed

Books and Pamphlets

  • 175 Ways To Get More Done In Less Time!
  • A Guide To Policies, Procedures & Programs For Medical Students
  • A New Scientific Literacy for Clinicians – Useful Educational Resources
  • Compact Between Resident Physician and Their Teachers
  • Conflict Dynamics Profile: Individual Version
  • Fight Fatigue – A Residency Director's Guide to Combat Resident Fatigue and Reduce Risk
  • Fight Fatigue – A Training Handbook for Residents
  • Healing Words: The Power Of Apology In Medicine
  • Learning to Address Impairment and Fatigue to Enhance Patient Safety
  • Making the Right Moves – A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for PostDocs and New Faculty
  • Orientation to Resident Documentation
  • Personal Finance Guide
  • Practicing Medicine in the 21st Century
  • Strategies for Preventing Disruptive Clinician Behavior
  • Taking Learning to Task – Creative Strategies for Teaching Adults
  • The Medicine of Compassion–Core Skills for the Human Side of Health Care
  • The Residency Coordinator's Handbook
  • The Residency Coordinator's Handbook, Second Edition
  • What Do I Say? Communicating Intended or Unanticipated Outcomes in Obstetrics