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School of Medicine

Office of Health Innovation

The Office of Health Innovation was created in January 2011 under the Office of the Vice President for Health Policy and Community Relations for the Virginia Commonwealth University Health System. The office is a collaboration between VCU and the VCU Health System, housed in the VCU School of Medicine. Its focus is on the development of health reform implementation activities and innovation strategies through research and demonstration projects.

Our Vision

We are a transformative leader in innovative health policy, delivery systems and workforce models.

Our Mission

The VCU Office of Health Innovation collaborates to research and develop innovative health care models focused on:

  • Analyzing health reform policies and financing strategies;
  • Increasing access to care for populations;
  • Enhancing the operational and fiscal efficiencies of health delivery systems;
  • Expanding health workforce opportunities; and
  • Improving the health of communities.

Guiding Behaviors

To successfully achieve our Vision and Mission, we will effectively demonstrate the following behaviors and competencies:

  • INNOVATION: Use our innovative antennae to stay abreast of current trends and research.
  • PARTNERSHIPS AND COLLABORATION: Maximize our relationship building and collaborative opportunities across Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia and the nation.
  • EDUCATION: Actively engage in awareness building and knowledge building with all of our stakeholders and constituents, and leverage our expertise to help others grow, learn and change.
  • LEADERSHIP: Provide leadership in the areas of health innovation and policy.

Tools and resources

The OHI assists researchers and community partners with the following tools and resources:

  • Identifying and applying for funding opportunities
  • Community engagement with local service providers, including safety net providers
  • Strategic partnerships with state agencies
  • Data analysis to support research on health innovations
  • Health care reform consultation and education