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School of Medicine

Student Affairs

Medical Student Organizations

The Office of Student Affairs provides oversight to more than 50 medical student organizations, from the Women in Medicine Student Organization to the Cardiology Interest Group to everything in between.

Register a Student Organization

All student organizations must register with the Office of Student Affairs. This not only recognizes that the organization has agreed to abide by the VCU School of Medicine’s guidelines, but also makes the organization eligible to apply for funding through the Medical Student Government.

Find a Student Organization

Search the A to Z index below to find a specific VCU School of Medicine student organizations.

This list is updated annually after the September 30 registration deadline for currently established student organizations.

New or reactived oganizations may submit student organization registration forms anytime during the academic year. These organizations will be added to the list once the request has been processed and approved.


Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine: Student Working Group

Purpose:  Dedicated to the promotion, protection, and support of breastfeeding and human lactation.
E-mail: bfmed.vcusom@gmail.com
President: Jennifer Luu
Vice President: Brinda Gupta
Treasurer: Jamie Anderson
Faculty Advisor: Gauri Gulati, M.D.

Allergy and Immunology Student Interest Group

Purpose: To expose students to the field of allergy and immunology
Email: vcu.aisig@vcu.edu
President: Snehdeep Hanspal
Treasurer: Ruchita Parekh
Secretary: Brenton Elliot
Faculty Advisor: Wei Zhao, M.D.

AMA Medical Student Chapter

Purpose: To inform students about status of AMA nationally and current state of health care.
E-mail: amavcu@gmail.com
President: Nam Duong

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

Web site: www.amsa.org
Purpose: Support medical students on their endeavor to pursue medicine.
E-mail: qiukd@vcu.edu; amsa.vcu@gmail.com
Co-President of Internal Affairs: Elizabeth Lee
Co-President of External Affairs: Hannah Rak
Treasurer: Ashton Branch
Legislative Representative: Alper Dincer
Faculty Advisor: Mark Ryan, M.D.

American Physician Scientists Association (APSA), Chapter at VCU

Purpose: To provide support for physician-scientists at all stages of their careers through advancement opportunities, education, outreach, and building a stronger sense of the physician-scientist community.
Email: vcu.apsa@gmail.com
President: Janina Vaikus
Treasurer: Audra Iness
Faculty Advisor: John Nestler, M.D.

Anesthesia Interest Group (AIG)

Web site: www.studentorg.vcu.edu/soaig
Purpose: To inform medical students about the field of anesthesia.
E-mail: aigvcu@gmail.com
President: Pooja Patil
Treasurer: Mackenzie Grasso
Faculty advisor: John Burgner, M.D.

Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association

Purpose: To address issues important to Asian American medical students and to address health issues by serving the local community.
E-mail: vcu.apamsa@gmail.com
President: Justin Wang
Treasurer: Saritha Kosarussavadi
Faculty advisor: Christine Huynh, M.D.

Association of Women Surgeons

Purpose: To support the professional and personal needs of female surgeons at various stages in their careers.
E-mail: aws.mcv@gmail.com
Co-Presidents: Debolina Banerjee, Hameeda Naimi, and Victoria Keiser
Faculty Advisor: Paula Ferrada, MD


Biodesign and Entrepreneurship Interest Group

Purpose: Foster innovation and support entrepreneurhsip among medical students and biomedical engineers who are interested in designing novel healthcare solutions.
Email: gastonbt@vcu.edu
President: Brandon Gaston
Vice President: Rahul Nayak
Treasurer: Prem Darji


Cardiology Interest Group

Purpose: To allow students who are interested in Cardiology to learn more about the field.
E-mail: cig.mcv@gmail.com
Co-Presidents: Divya Patel, Anjali Sharma and Joanne Lau
Treasurer: Chris Nolan
Faculty advisor: Jordana Kron, M.D.

Cardiothoracic Surgery Interest Group

Purpose: To provide resources and opportunities for students interested in the field of Cardiothoracic Surgery.
E-mail: vcu.ctsig@gmail.com
President: Suraj Mishra
Treasurer: Jay Patel
Faculty advisor: Mohammed Quader, M.D.

Christian Medical and Dental Association

Web site: www.cmdarichmond.org
Purpose: For Christian health professional students to meet, encourage one another, and glorify God.
E-mail: sarmistead123@gmail.com
President: Elizabeth Jacob
Treasurer: Alex Rankin
Faculty advisor: Scott T. Armistead, M.D.

Class of 2017

Purpose: Support the efforts of the members of the class of 2017.
President: Yeri Park
Treasurer: Sarah Berg

Class of 2018

Purpose: To raise funds and plan social functions for the members of the School of Medicine Class of 2018.
President: Christopher Cox
Treasurer: Timothy Nobbee

Critical Care Interest Group

Purpose: To increase interest and awareness in medical students about critical care specialties.
E-mail: youngcl4@vcu.edu
President: Caroline Young
Treasurer: McKenzie Lee
Secretary: Sirisha Dukkipati
Faculty advisor: Marjolein de Wit, M.D.

Cross Over Clinic

Web site: www.crossoverministry.org
Purpose: To provide free health care to the uninsured in Richmond.
E-mail: crossoverclinic@gmail.com
Co-Presidents: Emily Zhang, Ryan Johnson and Cody McHargue
Faculty Advisor: Vivian Bruzzese, M.D.


David Hume Surgical Society

Purpose: To educate VCU medical students about surgery and surgical subspecialties.
E-mail: mcv.dhss@gmail.com
Co-presidents: Matthew Carr, Daniel Critchfield, and Lily Zhang
Faculty Advisor: Rahul Anand, M.D.

Dermatology Interest Group

Purpose: To increase student awareness of the specialty of dermatology by offering shadowing opportunities, lunch lectures and dermatology related services opportunities.
Email: vcudig@gmail.com
Co-President: Julia Stachen and Mariam Azim
Vice President: Annabel Baek
Treasurer: Jessica Payne

Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology Interest Group

Purpose: To introduce medical students to the field of radiology through lunch lectures, community service activities, and workshops.
E-mail: dxrad.vcu@gmail.com
President: Jay Pham
Treasurer: Julia Staschen
Faculty advisor: Biren Shah, M.D.



El Dorado

Purpose: A mission to create new roads to opportunities through improving health and education in Guyana, South America
E-mail: wahida@vcu.edu
President: Alia Wahid and Alfred Tanglao
Treasurer: Alia Wahid and Alfred Tanglao
Faculty Advisor: Jawad Al-Khafaji, M.D.

Emergency Medicine Student Association (EMSA)

Purpose: To cultivate interest in and increase knowledge about a career in emergency medicine, with emphasis on learning skills, to assist with our current academic and clinical skills.
E-mail: VCU.EMSA@gmail.com
Co-Presidents: Kevin Desai, William Frye, and Derek Sheen
Faculty advisor: Nathan Lewis, M.D.

Endocrinology Interest Group (EIG)

Purpose: Engage medical students interest in the field of endocrinology.
E-mail: vcu.eig@gmail.com
President: Barsegh Barseghian
Vice President: Oksana Chernushevich
Faculty Advisor: Diane Biskobing, M.D.

ENT Student Interest Group

Purpose: To educate and promote the field of ENT
E-mail: vcuentig@gmail.com
Co-Presidents: Wei-Li Suen and Grayson Baum
Faculty Advisor: Kimberly Dodson, M.D.


Farmworker Health Outreach

Purpose: To increase awareness of farmworker health issues and organize outreach events.
E-mail: mcv.farmworker@gmail.com
President: Alexandra Tee
Treasurer: Nehal Naik
Faculty advisor: Steve Crossman, M.D.

Food For Thought

Purpose: Seeks to empower medical students with evidence-based nutrition education to benefit their own lives as well as those of their future patients and the greater Richmond community.
E-mail: fft.vcu@gmail.com
President: Arielle Lehman
Vice President: Maya Ahronovich
Treasurer: Colleen Geraghty
Faculty advisor: Puneet Puri, M.D.


Geriatrics Student Interest Group (GSIG)

Purpose: To increase student awareness of and opportunities for exploring the field of geriatrics.
E-mail: geriatricsig@gmail.com
President: Yasamin Sharifzadeh
Faculty Advisor: Chuck Alexander, M.D.

Ghana's Rural Outreach Sustainability & Engagement (ROSE)

Purpose: To provide compassionate, culturally sensitive medical care and community service outreach to an underserved region in Ghana, while providing medical students with an international clinical experience to enhance their education and passion for the field of medicine.
E-mail: ghanarose.vcu@gmail.com
President: Baaba Blankson
Treasurer: Jessical Regan
Faculty Advisor: Michelle Whitehurst-Cook, M.D.


Harold F. Young Neurosurgical Interest Group

Purpose: To increase interest and promote learning and interaction in the field of neurosurgery at VCU.
E-mail: HFYneurosurgery@gmail.com
President: Lily Zhang
Vice President: Kelsey Faust
Treasurer: Daniel J. Lee
Faculty Advisor: William Broaddus, M.D.

Healthcare Innovation Technology Student Interest Group

Purpose: The purpose of the organization shall be to provide medical students with resources and opportunities  to stay informed about the intersection of healthcare and technology.
E-mail: vcuhitsig@gmail.com
Co-Presidents: Vivian Lam and Zi Huang
Treasurer/Secretary: Christopher Lee
Faculty Advisor: Mark Ryan, M.D.

Hematology/Oncology Interest Group

Purpose: Allow medical students to interact with Heme/Onc physicians in an informal setting, which allows students to ask questions about the field of heme/onc to be answered, increase awareness of unique aspects of the field and increase student interest in the field.
E-mail: mcvhemeonc@gmail.com
President: Aida Nourbakhsh
Vice President: Evan Schwartz
Treasurer: Allison Borda
Faculty advisor: Christian Barrett, M.D.


Infectious Disease Interest Group

Purpose: To educate student about infectious disease medicine, and expose them to clinical experiences in the department.
E-mail: idig.mcv@gmail.com
President: Carolyn Zin
Co-Vice Presidents: Michael Yang and Dae Ik Yi
Faculty advisor: Sangeeta Sastry, M.D.

Internal Medicine Interest Group

Web site: www.ivpp.vcu.edu
Purpose: To bring awareness to MCV student body regarding injury & violence, and provide resources for students to participate in community outreach.
E-mail: clubmed.mcv@gmail.com
Co-Presidents: Mavis Peng, Michelle Tran,  Curtis Maehara
Faculty advisor: Stephanie Call, M.D.

International Trauma System Development Program

Purpose: To provide data analysis and collaborative education to improve global trauma care.
E-mail: vcusom.itsdp@gmail.com
President: Mark Hopkins
Vice President: Cassie Valukas
Treasurer: Sirisha Dukkipati
Faculty advisor: Sudha Jayaraman, M.D., M.Sc.

Interventional Radiology Interest Group (IRIG)

Purpose: To function as an information center regarding IR and serve as representatives for the clinical mindset of IR taking hold nationwide.
E-mail: vcuirig@gmail.com
Co-Presidents: Mark Edelstein and Taylor Powell
Faculty Advisor: Shep Morano, M.D.


Jewish Association of Medical Students (JAMS)

Purpose: To support the studies and faith involvement of Jewish students at VCU's School of Medicine
E-mail: schwartzea@vcu.edu
President: Evan Schwartz
Treasurers: Kelsey Rupp
Faculty advisor: Deborah Lebman, Ph.D.

Journal Club for Medical Students

Purpose: To give medical students practice with EBM based research prior to reaching their clinical years.
E-mail: inquiries.vcumed@gmail.com
President: Ariel Nash
Treasurer: Zachary Kimball
Faculty advisor: Marieka Helou, M.D.



Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)

Purpose: Unites and empowers medical students through service, mentorship and education to advocate for the health of the Latino community.
Email: mcvlmsa@gmail.com
Co-President: Jesus Ramirez
Co-President: Mariana Thrower
Community Service Chair: Diana Otoya
Secretary: Ramita Rahimian
Treasurer: Jacob Weiss
Faculty Advisor: Donna Jackson


Mattaponi Healing Eagle Clinic

Purpose: To serve the Mattaponi Virginia Native Americans with good healthcare, and to include medical student volunteers in this process with the licensed medical provider at the reservation.
E-mail: mheclinic@gmail.com
President: Ryan Johnson
Vice President: Meg Reeves

Medical Students Against Right Brain Atrophy

Purpose: To promote more profound understanding of medicine through activities that shed a new light on the nature of medicine.
E-mail: human.mcv@gmail.com
President: Annabel Baek and Erica Kim
Faculty Advisor: Megan Lemay, M.D.

Medical Student Athletic Club

Purpose: To provide organization of athletic and service opportunities for medical students.
E-mail: msacmcv@gmail.com
Co-Presidents: John Marshall and Michael Cole

Medical Students for Choice

Purpose: To educate medical students about all reproductive health choices.
E-mail: msfc.vcu@gmail.com
President: Alexandra Bahn Humphrey
Vice President: Sneh Hanspal
Treasurer: Alexandra Bahn Humphrey
Faculty advisor: Frances Casey, M.D.

Med-Peds Interest Group

Purpose: To educate medical students about the nature and opportunities of a combined Internal Medicine and Pediatrics (Med-Peds) residency training.
E-mail: mpig.vcu@gmail.com
President: Raechelle Ocampo
Treasurer: Ju Ae Park
Faculty Advisor: David Friedel, MD

Med Relief at VCU

Purpose: Collect surplus medical supplies and ship to areas in need
President: Nourhan Ibrahim
Secretary: Azhar Bashir
Treasurer: Ali Salman
Faculty Advisor: Stephanie Goldberg, M.D.

Medicine With Pride

Purpose: To bring exciting, inclusive and culturally competent lunch lectures, activities and healthcare education to VCU School of Medicine.
Email: medprideVCU@gmail.com
President: David Killeen
Vice President: Kevin Smith
Faculty Advisor: Christopher Woleben, M.D.


Purpose: International Volunteering
Email: medlifevcu@gmail.com
Co-Presidents: Tatyana Goldring and Elissa Trieu
Vice President: Stacia Ruse
Treasurer: Alli Jacobs

Military Medical Student Association

Purpose: To connect military medical students and faculty, and share the contribution of military medicine with all medical students.
E-mail: vcummsa@gmail.com
President: Tyler Miklovic
Treasurer: Kathryn Gouthro
Faculty Advisor: Lori Sweeney, M.D.

Musicians on Call at VCU

Purpose: To improve the well being of patients and their experiences by bringing music to the hospital environment, and to provide a means and place for creative expression in a hospital setting.
Email: mocvcu@gmail.com
Co-Presidents: Dongjin Suh and Wei-Li Suen
Treasurer: Hena Yakoob
Faculty Advisor: P. Muzi Branch



Purpose: To increase awareness and exposure to pathology, generate interest in pathology as a career, and to provide opportunities for students to experience pathology related procedures supplemental to their classroom learning.
Email: n2pathvcu@gmail.com
President: Eman Bani
Co-President: Chris Nolan
Faculty Advisor: Kimberly Sanford


Ob/Gyn Student Interest Group

Purpose: To promote women's health awareness as well as obstetrics and gynecology as a career path to future physicians.
E-mail: vcu.obgyn.sig@gmail.com
President: Elizabeth King
Vice President: Alexandra Stiles
Treasurer: Alexandra Bahn-Humphrey
Faculty advisor: Fidelma Rigby, M.D.

Ophthalmology Interest Group

Purpose: To generate interest in the field of ophthalmology, organize speakers and shadowing, and assist those who plan to pursue a career in the field.
E-mail: mcv.ophthalmology@gmail.com
President: Carter Simmers
Treasurer: Ali Salman
Faculty Advisor: Vikram Brar, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Interest Group

Purpose: To expose students to opportunities in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, finding a balance between the surgical aspect of Orthopedics and the primary care side of Sports Medicine.
E-mail: mcvossmig@gmail.com
Co-Presidents: Shalin Shah and Scott (Ronald) Bukoski
Faculty Advisor: Michael Petrizzi, M.D.


Palliative Care Interest Group

Purpose: To increase awareness and provide education about palliative medicine.
E-mail: palliativecareinterestmcv@gmail.com
Co-Presidents: Nicholas Kidd and Maggie Roth
Faculty advisor: Meera Pahuja, M.D.

Pediatric Interest Group

Purpose: To foster and promote medical students' interest, experience, and opportunity within the field of pediatrics and the various sub-specialties.
E-mail: vcusompig@gmail.com
Co-Presidents: Reese Sim, Shevani Sahai, Victoria Rodgers, Zachary Pottanat
Treasurer: Matthew Lanson
Faculty advisor: Clifton Lee, M.D. and Marieka Helou, M.D.

Petite Rounds

Purpose: To provide a forum for health professions students from all classes to hone their public speaking skills through giving presentations not limited to any particular specialty to their peers.
E-mail: petiterounds@gmail.com
President: Peter Westman
Treasurer: Seth Spencer

Physicians for a National Health Program

Web site: www.pnhp.org
Purpose: Inform medical students of the need for comprehensive and publicly-funded healthcare program.
E-mail: vcupnhp@gmail.com
President: Sreya Radhakrishna
Secretary: Mostafa Abdel-Hamid
Treasurer: Duaa AbdelHameid
Faculty advisor: Susan Miller, M.D.

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Student Interest Group (PM&R)

Purpose: To provide awareness, understanding, and resources to students in the field of PM&R
E-mail: pmr.vcu@gmail.com
President: David Underhill
Vice President: Nate Manche
Secretary: Gabo Martinez
Treasurer: Jarrell Raper
Clinical Liaison: Daniel Nguyen
Faculty advisor: William McKinley, M.D.

Plastic Surgery Interest Group

Purpose: To increase student exposure to the field of plastic surgery.
Email: plasticsurgery.mcv@gmail.com
Co-Presidents: Matthew Carr, Jamie Choi, and Derek Sheen
Faculty Advisor: Santosh Kale, M.D.



Radiation Oncology Interest Group

Purpose: To introduce students to the field of radiation oncology and provide interested students the research and clinical opportunities necessary to guide them on the best path toward becoming a radiation oncologist.
Email: RadOnCMVC@gmail.com
President: Ben Schwartz
Co-president: Patrick Reddy
Faculty Advisor: Drew Moghanaki, MD

Red Cross Chapter at VCU School of Medicine

Purpose: To alleviate human suffering per the mandate of the Red Cross Organization.
E-mail: redcrossvcusom@gmail.com
Co-Presidents: Seema Mir, Lauren Williams, and Amy Chong
Faculty Advisor: Kimberly Sanford, MD

Research Interest Group

Purpose: To allow students to learn about current medical research opportunities at VCU.
E-mail: rig.vcusom@gmail.com
President: Garrett Cohen
Treasurer: Allison Levitt



Sister Source at VCU

Purpose: To provide support and mentoring to teen mothers and pregnant teens in the city of Richmond.
E-mail: sistersourceatvcu@gmail.com
President: Ruchita Parekh
Vice President: Divya Patel
Faculty Advisor: Fidelma Rigby, M.D.

Student Family Medicine Association

Purpose: To disseminate information about, and encourage interest in the field of family medicine through lunch lectures, workshops and conferences.
E-mail: vcusfma@gmail.com
Co-Presidents: David Killeen and Laura Hoeg
Treasurer: Avanthi Jayaweera
Faculty advisor: Judy Gary

Student Free Clinic at VCU-MCV

Purpose: To provide free/low-cost primary care focused on hypertension and diabetes
E-mail: MCVstudentfreeclinic@gmail.com
President: Prarthana Udayakumar
Treasurer: Jennifer O'Neil
Secretary: Anika Turkiewicz
Faculty advisor: Alan Dow, M.D.

Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

Purpose: To foster interest in neurology and support opportunities for medical students to develop a career in neurology.
E-mail: mcvsign@gmail.com
Co-Presidents: Debolina Banerjee, Kellen Haley, and Caitlin Hauser
Faculty advisor: Scott Vota, M.D.

Students Making It A Little Easier (SMILE)

Purpose: Pairs medical students with pediatric patients currently being treated at VCU. This gives the children an opportunity to forget about hospitals, and engage in fun activity.
E-mail: smile.mcv@gmail.com
President: Anna Green
Vice President: Tatyana Goldring
Treasurer: Megan Foley
Secretary: Sophia Ghaus
Faculty advisor: Katie Barber, M.D.

Student National Medical Association

Purpose: Address the concerns of under-represented students in medical school and support the needs of the underserved in the surrounding community.
E-mail: SNMAatVCUSOM@gmail.com
President: Reginald Osardu
Vice President of Academics: Paula Nguyen
Vice President of Community Service: Tawany Almeida
Secretary: Dongjin Suh
Treasurer: Raymond Hakh
MAPS Liason: Hena Yakoob
Social Chair: Dawit Ayalew
Recruitment Liason: Gabriel Alvarez
Faculty advisor: Michelle Whitehurst-Cook, M.D.

Student Psychiatry Society

Purpose: To bring awareness to mental health issues with intent to reduce the associated stigma and to inform students about the field of psychiatry.
E-mail: mcv.sps@gmail.com
Co-Presidents: Danny Lee, Rian Kabir and Daniel Lee
Faculty advisor: Susan Kornstein, M.D.



Urology Student Interest Group

Purpose: To expose medical students to the field of urology and provide them with shadowing and research opportunities.
E-mail: urologysigvcu@gmail.com
President: Gaurav Gupta
Vice President: Robert Moore
Faculty Advisor: Lance Hampton, M.D.


Vascular Surgery Interest Group

Purpose: To educate medical students and general surgery residents about the field of vascular surgery.
Email: vsig.vcu@gmail.com
President: Gi-Ann Acosta
Co-president: Abenezer Mulugeta
Faculty Advisor: Michael Amendola, M.D.


Wilderness Medicine Student Interest Group

Purpose: To promote and spread the lessons of wilderness medicine; providing healthcare in low resource, remote environments.
E-mail: wildmedmcv@gmail.com
President: Matt Mason
Vice President: Euguene Kim
Treasurer: Rachel Kim
Secretary: Laura Khandjian

Women in Medicine Student Organization (WIMSO)

Purpose: To promote women in medicine and discussion of women's health topics.
E-mail: wimsomcv@gmail.com
President: Sophia Ghaus
Vice President: Meredith Mitchell
Treasurer: Elissa Trieu
Secretary: Yurhee Lee
Faculty advisor: Michelle Whitehurst-Cook, M.D.



Yoga Rx

Purpose: To promote wellness through the practice of yoga and to share our knowledge of yoga with the VCU community.
Email: keiservr@vcu.edu
President: Victoria Keiser
Vice President: Meg Barrett
Treasurer: Victoria Rodgers
Secretary: Olivia Lardo