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Division of Academic Success

Welcome to Division of Academic Success

Division for Academic Services

Virginia Commonwealth University, in agreement with Section 504 Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Americans with Disability Act Amendments Act of 2008, provides reasonable accommodations for a person with a documented disability. A prospective student and enrolled student have the right to request reasonable accommodations through the Division for Academic Services. Those students who feel they qualify for requesting accommodations should follow these steps:

  1. Early identification is critical in allowing the Division for Academic Success (DAS) the opportunity to gather all pertinent information prior to the admissions process and beginning of classes. The student should contact the Division for Academic Success (DAS) at 804-828-9782 and request a meeting with the DAS at least 4 weeks in advance of needing the accommodations to be in place.
  2. Information regarding documentation requirements can be found at the following link of their website: Documentation requirements.
  3. The DAS will work closely with the School of Medicine Admissions Office to ensure that granted accommodation requests will be handled in a confidential and appropriate manner.
  4. A student with a documented disability does not need to disclose a disability if he/she feels that they do not need reasonable accommodations throughout the admissions process or while enrolled in the School of Medicine. Students do have the right to request accommodations at any time. However, there may be a delay in the admissions process if accommodations are granted and arrangements for such accommodations need to be ensured. Every attempt will be made by the DAS to handle all accommodation requests in a timely manner. All accommodation requests for any student must be granted by the DAS and are not retroactive at any time.
  5. Students who would like more information on Division for Academic Services are encouraged to visit the website at: www.das.vcu.edu

Division for Academic Success
Box 980124
Richmond, VA 23298-0124
Phone: 804-828-9782
VTDD: 804-828-4608
Web site: www.das.vcu.edu