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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions

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Prospective students can learn more about applying to VCU SOM by going to our ADMISSIONS PROCESS page.


A successful applicant typically demonstrates a passion for medicine through community service and clinical experience along with a stellar academic profile. Personal characteristics consistent with the college's values are also assessed via activity descriptions, application essays, letters of recommendation, and interviews.

Simply put, we use a holistic review process because, while grades and scores are important, personal characteristics and experience are very telling in regards to being a fit at VCU SOM.

More information is available on HOLISTIC REVIEW page.


While academics is only a portion of what we consider, there are general figures typically expected of competitive applicants. We use a holistic review process to evaluate full application. The average GPA is 3.7 and average MCAT 508.

In addition to GPA and MCAT scores, the college evaluates a number of nonacademic factors.

For additional information, please visit our SELECTION FACTORS page.


Prerequisite requirements are minimums that must be fulfilled prior to matriculation at VCU SOM. Please find detailed information in the prerequisite requirements portion of the ADMISSIONS REQUIREMENTS page.


Yes, but all prerequisites must be completed before matriculation.


Office of Admissions is pleased to assist applicants planning to reapply to SOM in developing a strategy for becoming a more competitive applicant. While we cannot give you any specifics as to why your application was unsuccessful, there are steps you can take to carefully review and evaluate your application.


We do not accept transfer students at this time.


2016: We prefer MCAT2015 but will accept the older MCAT as well.

2017: We prefer MCAT 2015 but will accept the older MCAT as well.

2018: We will only accept MCAT 2015.

We accept MCAT scores 3 years prior to the year of matriculation. If multiple exames are taken, the most recent score is considered. 


ONLY at the request of the Admissions Committee. Otherwise, please DO NOT submit additional materials or updates.  We believe that the AMCAS application you initially submitted is representative of your academic abilities and activities. Unsolicited materials will be discarded.


Yes, we do. The deadline for the AMCAS application is August 1 st.


We do not offer individualized tours. However, you can tour the campus on your own.

Learn more Self-Guided Tour.