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Welcome to VCU School of Medicine

About Orientation


Your Orientation Leaders will help facilitate your orientation day activities, such as picking up your white coat and clicker. You will also meet faculty and team members from your college and other campus departments, current VCU students, and other new students attending Orientation.


Learn about resources that make "unparalleled access" more than just a phrase. No matter your background or your career ambition, we have what you need to fit into the academic and social environment of VCU. And because VCU is an important part of the community, you'll learn what the city of Richmond has to offer, and how you can fit into the civic community.


Learning isn’t just hitting the books. It’s connecting with people whose interests are similar to yours but whose backgrounds may be different. It’s trying something new. It’s using your academic major interests to support your community by volunteering. During orientation, you’ll learn about opportunities for all of that, and more. We’ll help you understand the student experience, including what you can expect. You’ll learn about student life, helpful resources, opportunities for student involvement, and more.