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Establishing Residency

Welcome to Establishing Residency

Eligibility for in-state tuition privileges is governed by §23-7.4 of the Code of Virginia. The provisions of this law are set forth, defined, and discussed in the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia’s Domicile Guidelines.

Twelve months of continuous residency in the state of Virginia. Students who are living in Virginia for educational purposes only are unlikely to qualify for in-state tuition rates. During the period of residency, proof of residency must be documented.
The following factors are used to determine if a person demonstrates intent to remain in Virginia indefinitely to establish domicile in Virginia:
  • Continuous residence in Virginia
  • Social and economic ties
  • Ownership of real property
  • Voter registration and actual voting
  • Driver’s license
  • Motor vehicle registration
  • Any other proof of Virginia as the state of permanent residence. One may not have more than one state of domicile.
Prospective students with residency questions may contact the registrar at 804-828-9791 or email Heather.Davison@vcuhealth.org.

Note: Canadian citizens are treated in the same manner as out-of-state students. If you were born in another country and you are not a Permanent Resident or citizen of the United States. You must supply documentation of your United States Permanent Residency at the time of Supplemental Application.