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Welcome to

Alternate VCU website from backup servers in Canada that can be accessed if Richmond servers are disabled:

VCU Alert Alternate Site: http://www.vcuopen.org/

Emergency Operations Center at the Facilities Management Office building:

Address: 700 West Grace St., 2nd floor

Phone: 804-828-0518

Security: 804-828-1234

Police Non-Emergency: 804-828-1196

Icon for SOMTech Alerts Tech Alerts Archive

Tech Alerts are Information Technology (IT) Related Alerts that let users know about IT-related issues, outages, viruses, possible software / hardware access problems, and changes made by SOMTech.

Below is an archived list of Tech Alerts that are no longer active. Click here to view active Tech Alerts.

Planned Network Maintenance (Scheduled for June 4th)


Serious Issues with Recent Windows Update (as of May 10th)


Malware Information - WannaCry Ransomware


File Share (T: drive, U: drive) Downtime (starting May 6th)


Internet Explorer Upgrade (Coming Soon)


Wireless Network Upgrade (scheduled for April 16th)


Visual Changes to SOM Windows PCs (as of April 14th)


New url for Cerner (as of March 29th)


VCU Health ImageNow/WebNow Update (as of March 27th)


eID/Rams Account Issues (As of March 2nd)


IDX Upgrade (As of February 20th)


New Requirements for RamsVPN (as of January 27th)


New macOS Sierra Now Supported by SOMTech (as of January 26th)


File Share Slowness from VCUHS Networks (December 1st, 2016)


File Shares (AKA T:, U: drives) Upgrade (Scheduled for November 27, 2016)


VCU Alert Desktop Alert Client Deployment (As of November 18th, 2016)


Computer Login Issues (As of November 17th, 2016)


Expected Downtime for SOM File Shares (October 25th)


RealTime Access Issues (as of October 19th)


Listserv Issues (As of October 13th)


Kronos update (As of September 16th)


Critical Updates for iOS and Mac OS X (September 7th)


Quick Access to RealTime (As of August 24th)


Limited Access to File Servers (Scheduled for August 24th)


Scheduled Server Reboot (Scheduled for August 23rd)


Potential Problem When Emailing VCU.EDU Addresses (Resolved as of August 17th)


Potential Printing Problems (As of August 1st at 2:25 PM)


GoToMyPC Password Reset Required (As of June 20th at 3:48 PM)


Potential Scan-to-Email Issues (Resolved as of June 20th at 11:36 AM)


TeamViewer blocked inside VCU Health System (Effective Friday, June 3rd)


QuickTime for Windows to be Blocked (Effective Thursday, May 26th)


Outlook Email Website not accessible from MedNet network (Resolved as of May 5th, 2016 at 6:00PM)


Network Outage Affecting both Academic and Medical Campuses (Ongoing Issue - as of April 22nd, 2016)


Office365 Email Change (Effective Thursday, April 21st)


RamsVPN Change (Effective Thursday, March 17th)


Backups Delayed on 1 SOM Server (Ongoing Issue)


Problems with Word and Outlook as a result of Windows Updates (Resolved)


Microsoft Internet Explorer Update Notification Block


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