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School of Medicine

VCU School of Medicine

Welcome to VCU School of Medicine

"Virtual" Open House

Welcome to "Virtual" Open House

Jerome F. Strauss, III, M.D., Ph.D.

Jerome F. Strauss, III, M.D., Ph.D., Dean, VCU School of Medicine

Michelle Whitehurst-Cook, M.D.

Michelle Whitehurst-Cook, M.D., Associate Dean for Admissions

Video greetings

Gordon Archer, M.D.

Current Research on the MCV Campus: M.D./Ph.D. Program, Year-out Program, Summer Research Opportunities
Gordon Archer, M.D., Senior Associate Dean for Research and Research Training, M.D./Ph.D. Program Director


Slide Presentations

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Christopher Woleben, M.D.

Making the Journey to Medical School Fun
Christopher Woleben, M.D., Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Dolores G. Clement, Dr.P.H.

The Role of Physician Executives in Health Care: M.D./M.H.A. Program
Dolores G. Clement, Dr.P.H.
Professor and Vice Chair
Director of Graduate Programs
Department of Health Administration
School of Allied Health Professions


Lisa S. Anderson, M.P.H.

M.D./M.P.H. Program: Population-Based, Preventive Medicine
Lisa S. Anderson, M.P.H., Director of Educational Programs, Department of Epidemiology and Community Health

Mark H. Ryan, M.D. and Mary Lee Magee, M.S.

The International/Inner City/Rural Preceptorship (I2CRP) Program
Mark H. Ryan, M.D., Medical Director, I2CRP Program, Assistant Professor, Family Medicine and Population Health
Mary Lee Magee, M.S., Director, I2CRP Program, Assistant Professor, Family Medicine and Population Health


River City (Richmond, Virginia) RAP

Learn about the city of Richmond... listen to the River City RAP!

Voices of Experience

M2 student tour guides

Ask a Tour Guide — Do you have questions? Ask one of our M2 Student Tour Guides!

More from the students. We hope this helps!

So... You’ve decided to go to Med School

Hear what the students have to say about the school, the hospital, the faculty, the programs, Foundations of Clinical Medicine, Project Heart, Richmond, diversity, safety, the researchers...


Closing Remarks

Agnes ‘Momma’ Mack

Thank you!

Agnes “Momma” Mack, Director of Admissions