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Health Profession Modules

Team-based health care is a pivotal element of geriatrics and often occurs in highly organized settings such as emergency rooms, intensive care units, operating rooms and cancer centers.

This set of video modules is designed to introduce you to several  key professions that often work in complex care-based teams to meet the needs of older patients — doctors, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and occupational and physical therapists.

Geriatric care teams can be co-located in a setting such as a nursing facility, or can work individually on the same patient in environments such as home health care.

It’s crucial for care teams to collaborate when addressing a patient’s health instead of simply sharing documents and orders. Depending on a patient’s needs, team leadership can shift at any given moment from one person to another.

As a medical professional, you must engage in developing collaborative skills and work to build and maintain healthy, functional care teams.

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