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Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society

Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) is the only medical school honor society in the world. It seeks to recognize and perpetuate excellence in the medical profession by promoting scholarship and research in medical schools, encouraging a high standard of character and conduct among medical students and graduates and recognizing high attainment in medical science, practice and related fields.

The VCU Chapter is the Brown Sequard Chapter

  • Motto: Worthy to serve the suffering
  • Election: Top 16% of the medical school class

Election Details

  • Eligible: Top 25% of class by rank.
  • From among the top 25%, ~ 8% of the total class or ½ of the final AOA group are elected after their M2 year (“Junior” AOA).
  • Junior AOA members are chosen on the basis of class rank (75%) and Step I board scores (25%).
  • The remaining ½ of the AOA members are chosen after the M3 year (8% of total class), once again from among the top 25% of the class after M3.
  • This group is selected using not only class rank and boards (50% - scholarship) but also other criteria: research, class officer, volunteer service and other unique activities that distinguish an exceptional student.
  • Faculty, housestaff and alumni(ae) can also be admitted to AOA. Nominations are made by members and voted on once a year. 

Election Timetable

  • Election of new members: late August
  • Election of faculty, house staff, alumni(ae) and new President and Vice-President: February
  • Student honors day and AOA banquet: May

AOA Officials

Current Members

Class of 2017

Senior AOA Members

Faisal Aslam Andrew Lyell
Jonathan Barrett Rebecca Maddux
Karen Brown Ross Pallansch
Veron Forrester Ekta Patel
Elizabeth Jaworksi Jessica Regan
Timothy Keating Jonathan Sorah
Mary Keith Leah Towarnicky
Nasir Khatri Ryan Wyatt
Nicholas Leverone  

Class of 2017

Junior AOA Members

William Cregar Olga Mutter
Michael Dennis Taylor Powell
Tracy Fennessy Alexander Rankin
Christopher Hagen James Reynolds
James Jarvis Christopher Riley
Walt Kelley Jason Stearns
Emily Kershner Justin Tuwatananurak
Hae Sung Kim Matthew Wallace
Nikhil Kolluri  

Class of 2018

Junior AOA Members

Justin Anderson Scott Muffley
Ameya Chumble Adam Robinson
Bryce Clinger Ashley Rogers
Joseph Conduff Carl Rudebusch
Emily Datyner Robert Simmonds
Siva Devarakonda Michelle Vy
Janet Lee Jennifer Ware
Kelli McFarland Joseph Wiener
Rakhi Melvani