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School of Medicine Committees

Executive Committee of the Faculty


The purpose of the Executive Committee is to guide and advise the Dean in all matters related to the function of the School of Medicine and to participate in the formulation of policy.


Each member is to attend monthly meetings and to advise the Dean in matters relating to the functioning of the medical school. Some specific assignments may be made by the Dean.

Procedures for Nomination

The Dean appoints a nominating committee which develops a slate of potential candidates by canvassing the faculty. The nominating committee is responsible for the two at-large members. Other membership is by virtue of appointment or position. See membership.

Procedures for Appointment

Appointment is by virtue of position within the School of Medicine. See membership.

Membership and Term

  • The Dean
  • Chairmen of the Departments of the School of Medicine
  • Administrators of the Departments of the School of Medicine
  • Secretary of the Faculty (one-year term), elected by faculty to post of Secretary
  • CEO of MCV Hospitals
  • Two elected representatives to University Graduate Council
  • Two at-large members, one representing the Clinical Departments and one representing the Basic Health Sciences Departments - terms are for two years.

Senior Associate, Associate, and Assistant Deans are requested to attend by the Dean but serve as non-voting members.


Deborah Weir
Assistant to the Dean
Phone: 804-828-5100
E-mail: dlweir@vcu.edu