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The purpose of the Faculty shall be the furtherance and dissemination of knowledge and professional skills through teaching, study, research, creativity, exhibition, performance, and provision of community service. An additional objective will be to help insure through investigation, examination, comment and recommendation that the educational goal of the University is being realized by the policies and procedures employed in the University.


Nominations of faculty to serve as Elected Senators and as Alternate Senators shall be made by a Nominating Committee appointed by each school’s governance organization. This committee shall be composed of faculty eligible to vote. The Nominating Committee shall solicit nominations from throughout its school, and/or from an open meeting of the school to which all members of a school’s faculty have been invited two (2) weeks in advance and at which nominations have been indicated to be an agenda item. The Nominating Committee may itself add nominations. The school Nominating Committee should notify potential nominees of the usual day and time of the Faculty Senate meetings and that Elected Senators are expected to represent their school at these monthly meetings from September through May. A secret ballot with the names of all the nominees who have accepted their nominations shall be distributed according to the school’s procedure for conducting elections to all faculty eligible to vote as defined in Article III. Nominees are elected to open positions in descending order of votes received. Schools may have an election for Alternate Senators separately from the election for Senators, or they may combine the election of Senators and Alternate Senators. If the latter, after all open Elected Senator positions have been filled, nominees are elected to open Alternate Senator positions in descending order of votes received. Upon notification by the Corresponding Secretary of the Faculty Senate that a school’s pool of Alternates Senators is diminished, the Dean shall expeditiously direct the selection of replacement Alternates Senators in accordance with the procedures of that school.

Note:  The preceding paragraph was copied from the University Faculty Senate Bylaws on 4/27/15.  Additional information can be found at http://www.facultysenate.vcu.edu/


June Nicholson
President, Faculty Senate
Humanities and Sciences - Mass Communications

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