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University Graduate Council


The Graduate School is responsible for the creation, maintenance, and quality review of the graduate programs of the university.


To serve as advocate, in all areas and at all times, for graduate education within and without the university.


The Graduate Council is the legislative body of the Graduate School. It serves as the representative body of the graduate faculties and students in each program. The Graduate Council reviews and approves all new and changed graduate courses and programs offered by any department or unit. It establishes university-wide criteria of eligibility for graduate faculty membership. The minimum standards recommended by the Council include graduate student admissions, awarding of graduate degrees and acceptance of new graduate courses or programs. It establishes guidelines and policies for periodic review of graduate programs.

Procedures for Election

Two members of the Graduate Faculty holding a primary appointment in a department of the School of Medicine are elected to three year terms as a Representative and Alternate, although both individuals hold equivalent responsibilities in representing the School of Medicine. Individuals elected for service in University Graduate Council shall also serve as a member of the MCV Campus Graduate Committee and will hold the responsibility of representing the views of the School of Medicine on matters of Graduate Education to the Graduate School and, conversely, informing the graduate faculty of the School of Medicine of the policies and practices implemented by the Graduate School.

Procedures for Nomination

The membership of the Graduate Council is composed of (a) one graduate faculty member, or alternate, elected from and by each school or college except the School of Graduate Studies; and (b) the Dean, the Associate Dean, and the Assistant Deans of the School of Graduate Studies, who serve as ex officio members.

Membership and Term

Terms are for three years. Elections are held during the spring of each year. Designations to committees are also made during this period. The term of office begins September 1. Members of the Graduate Council who have served full three-year terms of office may not succeed themselves.


Jan F. Chlebowski, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Graduate Educatiom
VCU School of Medicine
Phone: 804-828-1023
E-mail: jfchlebo@vcu.edu