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Honor Council


The Honor System engages members of the faculty as a component of the deliberative bodies formed for the review of cases of Honor System violations by students. A subset of the faculty representatives are selected for service on the Executive Board of the Honor System which reviews policy and implementation of the Honor System.


To maintain the Honor System of the University and address violations of the Honor System as appropriate.


Service on review panels is requested by the Dean of Student Affairs and is subject to the availability of the individual. In the initial phase of the appointment, it would be expected that attendance at workshops to familiarize the individual with the VCU Honor System and its operation would be required.

Procedures for Appointment

Any interested faculty member may self-identify to the Office of the Dean of the School of Medicine her/his interest in serving on this body.

Membership and Term

The term of service is generally for three years. We are recommending that the expectation of faculty would be that approximately three review panels in an academic year, each of which would occupy three to four hours would delineate the time commitment. As the University is implementing a revised version of the Honor System this Fall, the time requirements are not entirely certain. The Dean of the School of Medicine will work with University bodies to ensure that the time commitment is appropriate.


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VCU School of Medicine
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