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The committee discusses issues surrounding graduate education, authorizes individual exceptions to departmental and school policy, reviews policy statements for the School of Medicine and ensures that School of Medicine guidelines are consistent with university policy guidelines. The committee serves as a forum where policy and developmental issues information can be exchanged.


To formulate policy and to transmit information about graduate education as well as to review course proposals, new curricula and changes in graduate studies proposed by departments.


Assignments are determined by the committee and recommendations are made to the Dean, School of Medicine.

Procedures for Appointment

Membership is restricted to Directors of Graduate Programs appointed by the Chairs of departments with the authority to grant graduate degrees. The Graduate Program Directors from the Schools of Pharmacy and Engineering are also members of the committee.

Note: Faculty interested in working in graduate education should become involved in graduate student advisory committees.

Membership and Term

Membership is by virtue of appointment within the university. See “Procedures for Appointment.”


Jan F. Chlebowski, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Graduate Education
Phone: 804-828-1023
E-mail: jfchlebo@vcu.edu