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Multicultural Affairs Advisory Board


The Multicultural Affairs Advisory Board coordinates and develops projects that are targeted towards the recruitment, retention and development of minority students and faculty of the School of Medicine. It is dedicated to the interests of underrepresented minority groups* in the practice of medicine, as well as providing needed support to those who are members of other minority groups.


To identify, create, review and support multicultural affairs projects, programs and events.


This committee serves at the request of the Dean of the School of Medicine. Its primary assignment is to discuss minority affairs issues affecting the SOM, especially those relating to the recruitment and retention of minority students and faculty who are members of minority groups that are underrepresented in medicine. The committee meets twice each semester.

Procedures for Nomination

Any interested faculty can self-identify his/her interest in serving on this committee to the chair—currently Dr. Cheryl Al-Mateen—or to the Dean, School of Medicine. As vacancies occur, the chair of the committee, in conjunction with the Dean, School of Medicine, and Director of Minority Affairs, SOM, will nominate new members.


Rosa Morales-Theodore, M.D.
Chair, Multicultural Affairs Advisory Board (MAAB)
Phone: 804-828-4371
E-mail: mailto:rmoralestheodore@mcvh-vcu.edu

Donna Jackson
Director, Student Outreach Programs
Phone: 804-828-0997
E-mail: dhjackso@vcu.edu

*(The AAMC defines underrepresented minority as persons of African-American, Mainland Puerto-Rican, Native Alaskan, Native American, or Native Hawaiian descent.)