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Nominating Committee


The committee is charged with two responsibilities. First, the committee formulates ballots of faculty members to serve on various school and university committees for which the faculty cast votes. Secondly, the committee recommends nominees for selected university and other awards to the Dean, School of Medicine.


To create opportunities for all interested faculty members to be considered for committees and awards, to promote openings for service as well as consideration for awards to faculty.


The committee meets as needed to create slates of nominees for the Executive Committee of the Faculty, Secretary of the Faculty, School of Medicine Promotion and Tenure Committee members, School of Medicine Representative to the University Grievance Panel, School Grievance Panel members, School of Medicine Representative to the Faculty Senate, School Representative to the AMA-Medical Schools Section and School of Medicine Representative to the University Council. The committee also drafts a list of nominees for the University’s Distinguished Faculty Awards and other awards, as requested. The committee periodically solicits self-nominations from faculty for committee slates and award nomination.

Membership and Term

Committee members are appointed by the Dean, School of Medicine, and serve at the Dean’s pleasure.


Deborah Weir
Assistant to the Dean
Phone: 804-828-5100
E-mail: dlweir@vcu.edu