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Sponsored Research Advisory Group


The purpose of the committee is to advise the Dean, School of Medicine, regarding the disbursement of “bridging funds” for those faculty members whose grants have not been funded by NIH and other granting agencies. Funds are meant to provide investigators in between grants to maintain their laboratory activities and thus facilitate their abilities to resubmit their applications with new data.


To prevent investigators from losing all support during interim periods and thus being unable to produce preliminary data requested by NIH and other grant program study sections with the general intent to make their grant application stronger.


This committee meets at irregular intervals - i.e., anytime application or bridge funding is submitted. On average, the committee meets five to six times per year. The Dean provides applications for requests for bridging funds. The committee serves as an advisory group to support an application with a proposed budget or decline it.

Procedures for Appointment

Members are appointed by the Dean, School of Medicine.

Membership and Term

Terms are indefinite.


Lawrence B. Schwartz, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor and Chair, Division of Rheumatology, Allergy and Immunology
Department of Internal Medicine
VCU School of Medicine
Phone: 804-828-9685
E-mail: lschwart@vcu.edu