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University Council

Purpose and Goals

The University Council, as a representative body of faculty, classified staff, students and administrators is established to communicate its views on University-wide issues to those exercising authority over the institution. To that end, the University Council serves to aid communication and understanding among the faculty, staff, students and administration, and thereby assists the President of the University to develop and evaluate university programs and policies.


The University Council shall receive reports or recommendations from appropriate subunits or an assignment from the President of the University to review and recommend new policies or changes in existing policies on various matters of concern to the university community. Reports, recommendations and/or assignments may be in the areas of university-wide policies; such as promotion, tenure, leave, records and grievances; academic affairs such as new degree proposals, grading and curriculum, curricula plans and policies regarding reorganization; reduction or termination of programs; issues affecting the quality of student life; matters affecting the conduct, climate and support of scholarly activity; and planning of facilities and programs in pursuit of university goals and objectives.

Upon review by the appropriate committee of the University Council, the Council shall formulate, deliberate and vote on final recommendations to the President of the University. In performing its function, the University Council may initiate discussion and review recommendations and reports from other sources. Issues considered by the University Council shall be comprehensive in nature, entailing broad policy or governance principles.

In order to ensure that the various university constituencies have adequate time to provide feedback to University Council on proposed policies and other matters of concern, the Council will make every reasonable effort to ensure the Faculty Senate, the MCV Campus Student Government Association, the Academic Campus Student Government Association and the Staff Senate receive copies of pertinent reports, policies and other matters of concern at least two months before Council issues any recommendations on matters of major university concern. Recommendations of the Council shall be transmitted directly to the President of the University.

The University Council shall ensure that school governance bylaws have been developed and adopted by each school. The nature of the school governance structure shall be left to the individual school. The Committee on Faculty Affairs shall regularly review the governance structure of each school in order to ensure that there is representative governance in each school. Representative governance shall be defined as the right of participation in the school or college’s governance structure by all full-time faculty members (including tenure and non-tenure track) who holds appointments or joint appointments in that school or college. Participation includes the right to discuss on the floor and vote on all matters coming before meetings. Part-time faculty members should have the prerogative to take part in meetings of the faculty. Voting privileges for part-time faculty should be decided by each school or college.

Procedures for Appointment

Decided by each individual school.

Membership and Term

The University Council shall be composed of the President of the University, and of administration, faculty, classified staff and student members. Terms of office for all members of the University Council shall begin at the start of the academic year.


Elaine Abernethy
Phone: 804-828-3835
E-mail: esaberne@vcu.edu