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University Grievance Panel


Full information regarding the purpose, goals and functions of the University Grievance Panel is available in the VCU Faculty Mediation and Grievance Procedure, current revision approved December 2012. 


The University Grievance Panel is charged with the oversight of equitable resolutions of grievances when they cannot be resolved through informal means.


To ensure that the processes entailed in denial of tenure, denial of salary promotion or nonrenewable of nontenured faculty are fair and equitable as well as adhere to the policies and procedures of the University. And to provide a final opportunity within the academic community to rectify errors which may have occurred in policy, procedures or judgments.


Each school elects potential members of the panel.

Procedures for Nomination

The School of Medicine elects members to the University Grievance Panel in the spring of each year. This number may shift from year-to-year. It is based upon the number of full-time faculty and assigned to each school by the credentials committee of the Faculty Senate.

Membership and Term

Elected members as well as the elected alternative members must be tenured professors or tenured associate professors. Terms are for three years and commence on August 15.

Note: Faculty who enjoy critical thinking and who understand the academic system are encouraged to participate via election to the Panel. The rotation of cases among the Panel’s members helps to guarantee that individual members are not overburdened by their service.


Marilyn T. Miller, Ed.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Forensic Science
Phone: 804-828-0765