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Teaching Portfolio

Teaching includes lecture, small group, seminar and/or laboratory instruction of courses for medical, graduate and undergraduate students, clinic teaching and precepting of medical and allied health profession’s students, residents, fellows, laboratory-based research training of students and fellows, dissertation and thesis supervision, mentoring and advising of students and fellows, participation as faculty in continuing education programs, workshops and guest lectureships.

Portfolio Contents

  1. Personal Statement
  2. Documentation
  3. Appendices

Personal Statement

The Personal Statement is to be written by the faculty member and should express his/her teaching philosophy, goals, and self-assessment. (Maximum length: two pages).


  1. Formal
    1. Lectures, seminars, conference moderation, tutorials and laboratory instruction (list topic, meeting, date, type and number of learners present)
    2. List Course tests, written cases and simulated patient cases developed
    3. List visiting lectureships, professorships and extramural presentations
  2. Informal
    Include time in clinic and operating room per week; number of weeks per year as attending on inpatient service and approximate number of learners precepted in clerkships and electives.
  3. Scholarship in Education
    Include published reports and papers that involve the development or evaluation of teaching methods and/or new courses/programs that define important contributions to medical education, authorship of syllabi, videotapes and other educational materials developed. (list with a brief description)
  4. Leadership in Education
    Service as Director or Chair of courses, programs at the local, regional or national level membership and/or leadership in national educational organizations, certifying boards and accrediting bodies.
  5. Evaluations of Teaching
    1. Include all evaluations by learners (may summarize and include instruments used for evaluation in appendices).
    2. Include Evaluations by peer:
      1. Intramural
      2. Extramural
  6. Annual evaluation of teaching performance by Division Chief and/or Department Chair
  7. Teaching Awards
    List name of award, sponsoring group, method of selection and date.
  8. Other
    Academic recognitions, appointments, publications, certifications and professional distinctions received by learners taught/mentored by faculty member.


A copy of evaluation instruments, educational materials generated by faculty member and reprints of publications dealing with education.

Resources to Assist in Portfolio Preparation