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External Affiliate Faculty Appointments for Non-VCU Employees

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is a faculty appointment needed?
      • Only if an individual is making a significant contribution to a department and the SOM.
      • The department chair exercises best judgment to determine what constitutes a significant contribution.

    • When is a faculty appointment required?
      • Faculty appointment is required for any individual who supervises student learning experiences. This is in accordance with medical school and university accrediting agencies. Examples include individuals who serve as preceptors to students doing fieldwork or as supervisors for students in required clinical rotations or residency training.
      • Faculty appointment is necessary if a physician or other clinical provider practices through MCV Physicians.

    • How is an initial faculty appointment made for a non-VCU employee?
      • Existing university faculty (or staff) member recommends an individual for affiliate faculty appointment.
      • An appointment package (“formal application”) must be assembled and submitted.

    • What is included in the appointment package (“formal application”)?
      The appointment package (“formal application”) consists of:
      • Current CV (Curriculum Vitae): sample format for a brief CV [Word]
      • Graduate transcript:
        • For a non-VCU School of Medicine graduate, an original graduate transcript (as required for appointed duties) must be sent directly from the candidate’s institution of higher education to the department requesting the appointment.
          • Transcript must be original.
        • For a VCU School of Medicine graduate, the transcript is verified internally by the Dean’s Office of Faculty Affairs.
      • Evidence of current licenses and/or diplomas as required for the assigned duties. For example, if a medical license is needed, go to Virginia Board of Medicine—Practitioner Information
      • Letter of recommendation defining the responsibilities associated with the appointment must be prepared by the department chair and sent to the dean with the complete package.
        1. Sample appointment letter for a preceptor in the Foundations of Clinical Medicine course [Word]
        2. Sample appointment letter for a required clinical clerkship preceptor [Word]
      • Banner entry. The appointing department must enter the record into VCU Banner System’s affiliate appointment database and send a copy of the “print screen” to dean’s office as part of the package.
        • Note: Date of birth and social security number are required fields in the VCU Banner System.

    • What needs to happen after the appointment package has been submitted by the department?
      • The initial affiliate faculty appointments must be recommended and approved by all of the following:
        • Department chair
        • Dean
        • Vice President for Health Science
      • Appointments then will be approved by the Board of Visitors (BOV).

    • What needs to happen after approvals are received from the department chair, the dean and the V.P. for Health Sciences?
      • A formal letter of appointment approved by the VCU Board of Visitors will be issued by the dean’s office to the individual faculty member acknowledging the appointment. The department chair is copied.
      • Since the BOV meets quarterly, there may be a time delay between submission of the appointment package and receipt of the formal appointment letter.
      • A copy of the recommendation letter from the department chair to the dean in the appointment package may be used by the department to notify the faculty about the appointment process until the BOV letter is forwarded.

    • After the initial appointment, what needs to be done annually to continue the appointment?
      • Reappointment must be made annually by the appointing department. No additional information is needed unless requested by the department.
      • Dean’s Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) will send a list of current affiliate faculty to each department in May to initiate the annual reappointment process.
      • Departments will review and update the list and return it to the Dean’s OFA by June 30.
      • Departments will generate and send a renewal letter to continuing affiliate faculty members.

    • What needs to happen if the affiliate appointment is not being continued?
      • The department chair must notify the affiliate faculty member if his/her appointment is not being continued.

    • What is required for affiliate faculty to continue to have access each academic year to VCU resources, such as library access?
      • Departments must update each faculty appointment annually by June 30 in VCU Banner System, which is the University’s human resource and financial management system.

  • Who may I contact if I have questions about the process?
    • Department administration or
    • Office of Faculty Affairs, School of Medicine, awsetien@vcu.edu.