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Faculty Recruitment and Onboarding Guide

Welcome to Faculty Recruitment and Onboarding Guide

A key part of VCU’s strategic management plan for faculty recruitment and retention begins with the process of integrating faculty into their new work environment, which includes Onboarding and Orientation. Onboarding is the first step and serves several functions:

  • Ensures that the faculty feels welcome and supported.
  • Shortens time to productivity.
  • Contributes to faculty’s ability to make impact immediately and over time.

This web-based Faculty Recruitment and On-Boarding Guide system, [FROG,] has standardized and streamlined the onboarding processes for School of Medicine faculty. The primary goal of this system is to track the recruitment requests and to address the onboarding needs for new teaching/research, clinical, and administrative/professional faculty.

Onboarding can be a long-term process that starts before arrival on campus and extend over months. It helps hiring managers prepare for the arrival of new faculty. The checklist is designed to get faculty onboard and to assist with the orientation process. Once the faculty starts, he/she can work together with the hiring manager to complete the checklist. The hiring manager may add additional activities that are relevant to the new faculty’s position/area. Internal transfer faculty may omit items that are not applicable. sWhile one basic list of items to be completed at each step will be consistent, variations in the length of the process, the tactical approaches to integration, and the staff involved may change based on the needs of the newly hired faculty.