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Dean's Office Administrative Services

Welcome to Dean's Office Administrative Services

Administrative Services serves as a clearinghouse for all financial and budgetary aspects of the Dean's Office units. All requisitions, direct pays and travel reimbursements are processed through Administrative Services. Additionally, documentation for purchasing card transactions and unit-initiated VCU services such as Mail Services and Media Services are submitted to Administrative Services.

Centralized purchasing

eVA Requisitions

To maintain compliance with university policy and procedures, Administrative Services handles all eVA requisitions. Units submit a procurement request to SOMPurch@vcu.edu using the Procurement Request form. Procurement request forms must be signed by either the unit head or his/her designee before being sent to Administrative Services for processing. The designee should not approve his/her own purchase requests. Any needed documentation, invitee lists or quotes should be attached to the e-mail or addressed to SOMPurch and delivered to Administrative Services. Please provide all necessary information on the procurement request, including item numbers. When a procurement request is submitted, it is assumed that the purchase is approved by the unit’s associate dean or director. Each unit may want to establish its own process for this approval before submitting requests to SOMPurch.

Units are responsible for completing the sole source documentation as needed.

Administrative Services is responsible for obtaining SWAM quotes as necessary for eVA requisitions. To the fullest extent possible, the preferred vendor for a requisition will be used; however, there may be instances when a purchase must be made from a different vendor, such as for certain contract purchases or when a significant price savings can be obtained from a SWAM or eVA-registered vendor. Administrative Services will work with units in such situations.

Once a requisition is complete and an EP number is assigned, a copy of the EP is e-mailed to the unit. Once the order is physically received by the unit, the unit is responsible for completing the online Banner receiving. All packing slips must be maintained in the unit for three (3) years as required by VCU Record Retention Policy. All Invoices that the unit receives should be emailed to VCU Accounts Payable at deptinvoices@vcu.edu or sent via interoffice mail addressed to Accounts Payable, Box 980327.

VCU policies require that any requisitions should be created and fully approved prior to purchases being made.

If you utilize services or procure goods from one vendor on more than one occasion in a 12-month period of time, your total delegated authority ($10,000) applies to all orders placed with this vendor. Each unit is responsible for anticipating its needs at the beginning of the year and estimating total costs. If the anticipated yearly cost is more than $10,000, bids will need to be solicited. Please keep this in mind and notify Administrative Services as soon as possible should this apply to a vendor.

Purchases requiring prior approvals:

Corporate purchasing card

The corporate purchasing card (P-Card) is available for university departments. The card streamlines the procurement and payment process for small purchases. Use of the card eliminates requisitions and shifts paper processing to the credit card company. Cardholders may contact vendors that accept the card to procure goods and services. Cardholders are required to reconcile their transactions using the Bank of America online system. Upon receipt of their online reports, cardholders must download and submit a transaction report and all supporting document, including PCOs, receipts and business meal calculators. A monthly statement is sent to the cardholder. The cardholder is required to maintain a log of purchases that must be signed by the card holder’s supervisor and forwarded to Administrative Services by the fifth business day following receipt of the Bank of America email. In addition to the log, the monthly statement and all supporting documentation (quotes for prices, SWAM quotes and packing slips) should be submitted. Administrative Services is the official reviewer/authorized approver for all P-Card logs. Logs will not be approved unless all documentation for all charges is attached.

P-Card transactions are not exempt from eVA and SWAM policies, and appropriate vendors should be used for charge card transactions. Necessary documentation should be submitted with the P-Card logs each month. P-Card purchases that are made over-the-counter at a physical store are eVA-exempt. Additionally, over-the-counter purchases with non-SWAM vendors are exempt from needing a SWAM quote; however, these purchases should be the exception rather than normal procedure. Repeated over-the-counter purchases should not be made in order to circumvent SWAM procedures. Cardholders continue to be responsible for obtaining SWAM quotes for P-Card purchases.

All P-Card purchases to eVA registered and non-registered vendors must be entered in eVA as a PCO unless the order is for something on the eVA Categories and Exemptions list.


Units are responsible for completing all travel authorizations and submitting them to Administrative Services for review and commitment to their budgets. Administrative Services obtains any necessary Dean approval. Travel arrangements are made by the units and/or the traveler. For travel under $500, no travel authorization is required. The only exception is for international travel.

Please refer to VCU policies  regarding travel prior to doing any registration or paperwork. When filling out forms, you should always use the online links below, as the forms may change without notice.

Before any travel arrangements, including conference registration, can be made, a travel authorization (TA) must be completed. The authorization should include a best estimate of all anticipated charges.

Travel authorizations, as well as any other forms needed for travel, are available online at the VCU Procurement Services website.

  • Refer to the lodging and per diem rates to complete the TA Conference Hotel field. If the hotel is where the conference or meetings are being held, lodging rates can be up to 200 percent of the per diem rates.
  • Non-Conference Hotel: Please provide local fund source and a memo with justification of anything over 100 percent per diem.
  • Anything over 200 percent of the base rate requires Dean’s office approval.

Employees are permitted to use their personally-owned automobile when a state-owned vehicle or Enterprise contract vehicle is not available, or when the use of a personally-owned vehicle is cost beneficial to the university. Employees electing to use their personal vehicle as a matter of convenience will be reimbursed for mileage at the lowest rate. The personal vehicle use statement at the top of the Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher  should be checked with the appropriate choice.

The employee must conduct a cost/benefit analysis  to determine whether a state-owned/OFMS rental or a personally-owned vehicle should be used in official state travel. It is expected that a good faith effort will be made to use the Enterprise rental contract when practical.

Generally, a personal automobile is considered cost beneficial under the following circumstances:

  • When occasional travel is planned for distances up to 150 miles per day
  • For constant daily routine travel (agencies should consider the cost effectiveness of an agency fleet)
  • When an emergency exists and is approved by the VP or designee

If the trip calculator shows that it is more cost beneficial for the employee to use a personal vehicle for the trip, the employee should print a copy of the screen showing the calculation authorizing the use of a personal vehicle. This documentation must be attached to the travel reimbursement in order to be reimbursed at the current IRS rate per mile. If the trip calculator documentation is not attached, then mileage reimbursement will be at the lowest rate.

If the calculator shows that use of a rental vehicle is more cost effective, the traveler can follow the Enterprise link on the trip calculator to arrange for a vehicle using the commonwealth of Virginia contract.

VCU strongly encourages the use of Covington Travel for all airline travel. Should airfare be arranged through any vendor other than those agencies on contract with VCU, additional documentation is required. Please refer to the travel policy  for detailed information.

Once travel is complete, all required receipts and statements are submitted to the Administrative Services. A travel reimbursement form is completed and emailed to the traveler, who will print and sign it. The signed form is returned to Administrative Services for processing to Accounts Payable.

Personal reimbursements

Personal reimbursements are processed using Direct Pay rather than eVA. All required receipts and business purpose should be submitted to Administrative Services, who will complete a Direct Pay form and forward it to Accounts Payable for processing.

Personal reimbursements to employees should not include food items, office supplies, lab supplies, computers, computer software or printing.

For more information, please see our personal reimbursement requirements.

Computer equipment

Technology Services purchases all computer equipment and peripherals, maintenance contracts on computer equipment, software and training. Contact School of Medicine Technology Services for your computer needs. Units are responsible for purchasing toner for their individual equipment.

Cash/checks received

When checks and cash payments are received, it’s important to ensure that these funds are deposited in a timely manner. When checks or cash total more than $100, they must be deposited the same day they’re received. If received after the cashier’s office is closed for the day, they can be deposited the following day and should be stored in a secured, locked location overnight. Collections totaling less than $100 should be deposited no less often than weekly. Cash payments must be receipted using a university-provided, consecutively-numbered receipt book. Any voided receipts must be retained for documentation. Post-dated checks are not accepted.

The procedure for receiving and depositing checks and/or cash is as follows:

  • Immediately upon receipt, restrictively endorse each check “For Deposit Only, Virginia Commonwealth University.” All checks should be payable to VCU, Virginia Commonwealth University or any variation thereof. Checks not payable to VCU should be endorsed on the back Payable to VCU, and signed by the person to whom the check was written.
  • If cash is received, you must provide a numbered receipt to payer. Give original receipt to payer and retain copy to attach to deposit/receipt form. Voided receipts should also be attached to the deposit/receipt form.
  • Complete a Deposit Receipt form. Enter the index and account code and purpose of payment. List checks individually, including date check received, check number, check date, source/purpose of check and amount.
  • Bring the original deposit/receipt form with all checks, cash and copies of receipts given for cash payments (including voids) to Administrative Services for approval. When approved, copy all documents for Administrative Services and your files, and mail the original with original checks to:

    Cashier’s Office
    Box 843031