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How do I get a purchasing card?

Training for a university purchasing card can be done through Blackboard.

Once you’ve completed the training and the required test with a score of 100 percent, complete the Corporate Purchasing Card Employee Agreement.

Tracy Bowers is the Fiscal Administrator. Please list her and your unit’s Administrative Services contact person (Tracy Bowers or Cheron Bright) as reviewer.

Once the form is complete, please bring it to Administrative Services for review. The appropriate reviewers will sign it and fax it to Purchasing.

How do I obtain eVA/Banner access?

In order to receive Banner access, you need to take PAA001, Banner Basic Navigation and System/Data course, and complete the quiz after taking the course. Save or print quiz results.

For eVA access, you need to take TRAIN-001-002, eVA and Banner Purchasing and complete the quiz. Save or print quiz results.

Once you’ve completed both courses, send or bring your quiz results to Tracy Bowers in MMEC 4-100. She will request access for you.

Training can be done online through Blackboard. You’ll need your eID and password.

Opportunities are available for additional classroom training in eVA purchasing. See VCU training for additional training that isn’t required but may be helpful.

How do I use my purchasing card (P-Card)?

As you make purchases with your P-Card, you should retain all itemized receipts, approvals, packing slips, etc. in a separate folder.

VCU policy applies to P-Card purchases: a list of attendees is needed for food purchases. Additionally, a fully-approved travel authorization  is required before you can pay a conference registration on your P-Card.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your documentation is complete for all P-Card purchases, including eVA PCOs.

How do I process my P-Card?

All P-Card purchases should be signed off on the Bank of America online reconciliation tool.  An email reminder will be send when transactions are ready.  

Cardholders will receive an email from Bank of America 24-48 hours after the end of the billing cycle with a link to their transaction report.

Cardholders should download the report into Excel, and use it as their log sheet.

P-Card logs and complete documentation should be submitted to Administrative Services by the fifth business day after receipt of email. Statements that have not been received by this time should be forwarded on to Administrative Services upon receipt.

If there has been no activity on your P-Card during the billing cycle, you do not need to submit any paperwork

Incomplete P-Card logs will be returned to you in their entirety and the date submitted will be the date that the completed logs are turned in.

Repeated late submission of logs and/or repeated violations of policy may result in revocation of purchasing cards and eVA access.

What items require Dean/VP approval?

Any fiscal document that requires additional approval beyond your unit level must be brought to Administrative Services. We will review it and route it to the Dean and VP’s office for the necessary approvals.

How do I complete travel authorizations?

Refer to this helpful hints for travelers guide for per diem and lodging rates.

Travel authorizations should be as complete as possible. Don’t leave an item blank because you’re not sure yet of the cost; costs should be estimated on a travel authorization. Remember to add all expenses needed including conference registration, baggage fees, etc.

How do I get reimbursed after a trip?

Before travel begins, an approved travel authorization should be submitted to Administrative Services.

After the traveler returns, all receipts and any accompanying explanation should be submitted to Administrative Services and signed in on the clipboard in MMEC 4-100. An Administrative Services request form  should be completed for each reimbursement.

A travel reimbursement form will be completed, and an Excel version will be emailed to the traveler, who should print it, sign it and return it to the unit support personnel for supervisor’s signature. Once this is complete, the form is returned to Administrative Services, who will forward it to Accounts Payable.