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Brody Wehman

Fourth-year student helped the MOM Project in a new way

Fourth-year student Brody Wehman counts his participation on the annual Mission of Mercy Projects as one of the most rewarding experiences of his medical school career. 

In February, Brody Wehman, Class of 2010, presented a $250 check to the School of Dentistry’s Carol Brooks, D.D.S., who is director of a free dental clinic on the Eastern Shore known as the Mission of Mercy – or MOM – Project.

“My fiancé, who is now a fourth-year dental student, encouraged me to come to the Eastern Shore MOM Project in my second year,” said Wehman. “She had been on several trips by that point and had always raved about them. I enjoyed being a part of that project so much I knew I would remain involved throughout the rest of medical school.”

Not only did he stay involved with the project, he got other medical students to come along. Together they performed blood pressure screenings for patients who’d come to the weekend-long clinic that provides free dental care to children and adults.

Wehman quickly recognized that a large number of patients he saw had no primary care physician, and so he set about contacting local doctors who agreed to provide follow-up care for those patients who were identified with elevated blood pressures.

For that effort, the Medical Society of Virginia Foundation honored Wehman last fall for his service by a medical student. The award came with a $1,000 educational stipend and $250 for him to donate to any charitable organization he chose.

“The MOM Projects have provided an incredible free service for the underserved populations in Virginia and in addition have allowed so many of us dental and medical students to get early hands-on experience and patient interaction,” said Wehman. “So giving the check to them was the least I could do.”

In July, Wehman will begin residency training in cardiothoracic surgery at the University of Maryland Medical Center. A highly competitive specialty, there are only 10 residency positions nationwide for graduating students interested in pursuing a career in the field.