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1838 Scholarship Campaign

To learn more about the 1838 Scholarship Campaign, contact the medical school's development office at (800) 332-8813 or MedAlum@vcu.edu.

To celebrate the year in which MCV was founded, the medical school has launched the 1838 Campaign. The $25-million campaign will build the medical school's scholarship endowment into a resource on par with our peer schools and kicked off with a $1 million gift from the Grandis family.

The 1838 Campaign is a vital step toward our goal of providing meaningful scholarship support for students with financial need. The campaign will give our school a competitive edge for recruiting top students, rewarding student excellence and reducing the burden of debt that is too often an inescapable part of choosing a career in medicine.

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Learn more about how you can get involved in the 1838 Campaign.

Why give?

Today, the dream of a career in medicine often comes with a heavy burden of debt. In the Class of 2018, only 49 out of 211 students graduated debt-free. The average debt for those Class of 2018 graduates with debt was $202,297.

We are determined to make a medical education more affordable for our students. Through a sustained effort to hold tuition increases to a minimum, our medical school's tuition and fees are now the lowest in Virginia.

But they are still higher than the average tuition at peer schools across the nation, and the scholarships we offer lag behind other public medical schools. We believe we have a responsibility to provide meaningful scholarship support to the medical students who study in the tradition of the Medical College of Virginia.

Donor wall in the McGlothlin Medical Education CenterAt the conclusion of the campaign, a donor wall in the McGlothlin Medical Education Center will display the names of donors who make leadership campaign gifts to the 1838 Fund or to a new or existing scholarship endowment.


Create a named endowment

Established with a commitment of $50,000 or more, an endowed scholarship exists in perpetuity and provides annual tuition support for a deserving student who meets the award criteria you provide. An endowed scholarship carries the name of its creator or the name of an honoree the donor chooses.

Full- and half-tuition scholarships are most urgently needed. Created with a commitment of $750,000 or $375,000, they are one of the medical school's best resources for recruiting and rewarding top students.

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Join the 1838 Fund

Created to commemorate our founding year, the 1838 Fund is an endowed scholarship established from the pooled resources of the medical school's alumni and friends. The school encourages gifts of $25,000 and up to the endowment. Like a named fund, the 1838 Fund will exist in perpetuity and will provide multiple scholarships for deserving students.


Campaign leadership opportunities

Endow a named full-tuition scholarship


or $150,000 annually with a 5-year commitment
Endow a named half-tuition scholarship


or $75,000 annually with a 5-year commitment
Endow a named quarter-tuition scholarship


or $37,500 annually with a 5-year commitment
Endow a named partial scholarship


or $10,000 annually with a 5-year commitment
1838 Fund endowment

$25,000 and up

or $5,000 annually with a 5-year commitment
Supplement an existing named scholarship

$10,000 and up

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