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Welcome to VCU School of Medicine

Funding Priorities

Welcome to Funding Priorities

Support for Research

Recent biomedical discoveries have opened doors to unprecedented promise for medical research and human health. In the School of Medicine, we’ve seen advances in the understanding of schizophrenia and in cardiac preconditioning that could lead to better treatments and improved lives. Research studies in liver transplantation and radiation oncology have already delivered findings that have changed the way we approach disease.

In addition to promoting better patient care, these research endeavors provide our students the chance to preview the future of medicine as they study with faculty who are generating tomorrow’s advances in today’s clinics and laboratories.

Dean’s Discovery Initiative

Research philanthropy is vital to this process. It can provide crucial start-up funds for promising projects, boost competitive recruitment packages to talented investigators, outfit state-of-the-art laboratories, and reinforce the effort of a mature research team on the threshold of a major discovery. These investments have long-term impact. A recent review showed that faculty who had received grants from a longstanding MCV-Campus research endowment went on to secure funding from external agencies totaling more than 25 times their original award.

Your gift can lay a foundation for future growth.

Graduate Student Stipend

Graduate Student Stipend
or Fellowship

  • $500,000

Donors may endow a graduate student stipend or fellowship with a gift of $500,000. Housed at the MCV Foundation, endowments produce an annual award of about 4–5 percent of the fund’s market value.

Competition for the brightest and most talented graduate students is stiff. Increased stipend funding, from the current $27,000 base level, is essential for the school to compete for students of the very highest caliber who can significantly contribute to our research programs in the course of their studies.

As they learn their own field, these students’ skills and ideas are also necessary components in the school’s overall research endeavor. Increasing funding of graduate stipends for Masters and Ph.D. students could be a deciding factor for a student with limited means but a strong desire to study with our school’s renowned faculty researchers.

Donors may endow a fellowship—see box for more information.