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Named Scholarship Funds

Welcome to Named Scholarship Funds

The generosity of donors has led to the establishment of privately funded scholarships that provide more than 250 awards totaling almost $1.1 million annually.

Privately endowed scholarships are housed at the MCV Foundation and are a combination of need-based and merit-based awards. When each fund was established, donors outlined the criteria used to select the student recipients. Some scholarships support students considering a certain specialty or from a particular geographic region. Others reward those who have distinguished themselves through community service or academic merit.

The medical school's financial aid office keeps students informed of all scholarship and loan opportunities and provides counseling to students on debt management. The School of Medicine Scholarship Committee is responsible for making the awards of both need- and merit-based scholarships. The committee also works with the School of Medicine Admissions Committee to award the various recruitment scholarships. Beginning in 2001, all students were required to complete an online scholarship application to be eligible for an award.

In addition to these privately funded scholarships, there are a number of school, state and federally funded scholarships awarded to our students.

1838 Fund

Aesculapian Scholarships made possible by the medical school's Annual Fund

Jason Lee Arthur Scholarship

Dr. Sidney B. Barham Scholarship Fund

Wyatt S. Beazley, III, M.D., Scholarship Fund

H. Vaughan and Margaret D. Belcher Scholarship Fund

Bersoff Medical Scholarship Fund

The Elizabeth Blackburn Award in Nuclear Medicine

Charles Boatwright Scholarship

Coleman Brantley Scholarship

Charles Brauer Jr. Scholarship

John William Bryant, M.D. Endowed Scholarship

Tim Carroll Memorial Scholarship

Stephen C. and Marie F. Cenedella Endowed Scholarship Fund

Class of 2010 Book Fund

Collins Foundation Scholarship, Joseph

Timothy Darrell Collins Memorial Scholarship

Linda and Richard Costanzo Scholarship

Lillian Ding Scholarship

William S. Dosher Scholarship

Paul Dunn Scholarship

Michael and Marlyn Fabrizio Family Scholarship 

Guy R. Fisher Scholarship

fmSTAT Scholarship

Dr. George D. Ford Physiology Award Fund

Freeman-Gayles Memorial Scholarship

Eugenie M. Fribourg Scholarship Fund

Joseph R. Gazala, M.D. and Rose N. Scholarship Fund

Martin J. Goldberg, M.D. Family Scholarship Fund

Harry and Harriet Grandis Scholarship Fund

Greentree-Hirsh Scholarship

Dr. Rosemarie Teresa Greyson-Fleg and Dr. Jerome Louis Fleg Fund

Rosalyn and Julius Griffin, MD Scholarship Fund

Dr. James R. Gudger Scholarship

Andrew W. Haraway Jr., M.D. Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth Joanne Harbison Memorial Award

Jean L. Harris MD Scholarship

Rebecca Clary Harris M.D. Memorial Endowment Fund

Hartranft Scholarship

John A. Hashemi Scholarship Fund

Amy A. Hatch Endowed Scholarship

Janice L. Heckel Scholarship

Heldberg-Messmer Scholarship

Thomas Ross Henretta Scholarship Quasi Endowment Fund

Herman Hertzberg Scholarship Fund (MCVAA)

Warren H. Hoak Scholarship

J. Dennis Hoban Scholarship Fund

Edna M. and Charles A. Hoffman Endowed Scholarship Fund

Ellen A. Holimon Endowed Scholarship

Donald Rider Holsinger, M.D. Endowed Scholarship

Dr. William H. and Elizabeth W. Hoskins Scholarship Fund (outside)

Dr. George M. and Mrs. Leona Hostetler Scholarship

Rosanna W. Hwu-Yun, M.D. Fund

Ivatury Family Fund Scholarship

G. Watson James III, M.D. Scholarship-Research

Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Daniel Johnson M'65 Scholarship Fund

Mickael M. Kannan Pediatrician Teaching Award & Student Scholarship

Eleanor and Paul Kent Scholarship

Nicole Kielar Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Nancy B. King Scholarship

Richard H. Kirkland Scholarship Fund

Dr. Arthur Kirschbaum Memorial Fund

Sarah Snyder Laughon Medical Scholarship

Stephen D. and Benjamin P. Lenett Scholarship

Lewis Gale Foundation Scholarship

Flora S. and Virginia L. Coleman Lockridge Scholarship

Dorothy Velma Clark Loveall Scholarship

R. Conrad McAllister, M.D. Scholarship

MCV Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship

MCV Alumni Association of VCU Award

MCVF Medical Scholarship

Medical Class of 1966 Scholarship

Medical School Class of 1965 Scholarship

Medical School Class of 1971 Scholarship

Susan J. Mellette Fund

Richard A. Michaux, MD Scholarship Fund

Monument Avenue Scholarship

The Lillian H. and Stewart R. Moore Scholarship

W. Donald & Anne Tucker Moore Scholarship

Janet Mundie Scholarship

Herbert S. and Elinor C. Neifeld Scholarship

Kinloch Nelson Scholarship Fund

Ben Orr Class of 2009, Memorial Scholarship Fund - Endowed

A. J. and Lee Pardoll Memorial Scholarship Fund

Georgiann and Gertrude and Simon Russi Partridge Scholarship

Anne Marie and Jonathan Seth Perel Medical Scholars Fund

David A. Petersen, M.D. and Andrea Petersen Scholarship Fund

Harry G. and Barbara P. Plunkett Endowed Scholarship

Michael J. Pollak Scholarship Fund

Pollak/Brout Scholarship

A. Jarrell Raper Memorial Scholarship Fund

Chancellor Asa Rice Memorial Scholarship Fund

Richmond Academy of Medicine Alliance Foundation Scholarship

Richmond Academy of Medicine Endowed Scholarship

Marie Collette Robbins Scholarship

Lucien and Virginia Roberts Scholarship Fund

A. H. Robins Medical Student Scholarship Fund

Michele A. Romano, M.D. Scholarship

Ralph Rosenthal Scholarship

Ross Scholarship

Mary Joanne Devine Rust Scholarship Fund

Dr. E. John Saliba, Jr., Scholarship Fund

Drs. Julie C. Moller and John B. Sanford Endowed Scholarship

Thomas M. Scalea M.D. Student Award Fund

Bruce and Carol Schorr Scholarship Fund

Seymour Schotz Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Ralph M. Scott Scholarship

Edith E. and Hugo R. Seibel Award for Excellence in Gross Anatomy

Drs. Paul H. and Stuart C Seigel Scholarship Fund

Fred and Rose Shaia Family Scholarship Fund

Harry and Zackia Shaia Annual Scholarship (outside)

Thomas and Mary Shaia Family Scholarship Fund

Dr. Basil E. Smith Scholarship

Henry Clay Smith, M.D. Memorial Scholarship

Jesse L. Steinfeld M.D. Endowed Scholarship

Mary Virginia Stevens Global Health Scholarship

Dean Jerry Strauss Scholarship

Sutton Book Award

Dr. H.D. and Mr. P.P. Taliaferro Fund

Theresa A. Thomas Health Professional Scholarships

John L. and Marjorie L. Thornton Scholarship Endowment

J. Ives Townsend Medical Student Scholarship

Frank S. Trani Memorial School of Medicine Scholarship Fund

VMI Scholarship

William Wallenmeyer Scholarship

Drs. O. W., Sr. and Oscar W. Ward Jr. Scholarship

Harry Hudnall and Mary Warren Williams Ware, Jr., M.D., Scholarship

Daniel T. Watts Jr. Fund

Dr. Elbert P. Whited Scholarship Fund

Charles Baynes Wilkerson, Jr., M.D., Scholarship

Louis Reams Wilkerson, M.D., Scholarship

Washington Carlyle Winn M.D. Scholarship Fund

William O. Winston, M.D. Scholarship

Elise H. and Wesley Wright, Jr. Endowed Scholarship


posted May 2018