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Exploring Career Opportunities

Welcome to Exploring Career Opportunities

Private Sector Career Preparation

Articles drawn from the literature to provide information on career options.

Career Development Web Sites

The internet sites listed below provide a starting point for resources that can be of help in preparing for the next stage of your career development.

  • myIDP 
    The "my Individual Development" plan website, provided as a service of the AAAS Science Careers section, serves multiple functions.  It is an excellent starting point for the exploration of career paths for individuals pursuing advanced degrees in the biosciences, including but not restricted at all to academic positions.  The site also provides a template for the creation of an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to be used for recording the immediate objectives of your research and your planning of your career path after graduation.

  • The Community College Application.  
    The linked document holds a compilation of short articles advising on applications to Community or "Junior" College opportunities.

  • VCU Career Center
    The Career Center website includes information and features including InterviewStream (which allows you to practice interviewing on screen) and additional resources available on line. A link to a list of web resources provided by the Career Center appears below.
  • Career Center Science Web Site Resources
    [DOC] This site has a variety of links to resources in a number of categories: Career Exploration, Reource Identification Websites, Job Search Sites, Local Employers, National Employers, Organizations and Associations and Additional Resources
  • American Society for Cell Biology
    This is the Career Development site for the American Society for Cell Biology. Several informative publications are available including a two volume "Career Advice for Life Scientists" and "Life Sciences Research and Teaching: Strategies for a Successful Job Hunt."

  • Science Careers
    This is the Next Wave site produced by the AAAS and devoted to Career Development information for scientists. Complete access to all site features is available to all VCU students.
  • Naturejobs
    This is the site run by the publishers of Nature which includes information on placements as well as information on issues related to placements, postdoctorals, etc.

  • Tomorrow's Professor
    This is a site called the Tomorrow's Professor Listserv which includes a source of information and articles related to various aspects of career preparation.

    This is the FASEB site which includes a Career Resources section as well as links to the professional societies which constitute FASEB, each of which include career-oriented information.

  • Group on Graduate Research, Education, and Training (GREAT)
    This is the site for the Group on Graduate Research, Education and Training (GREAT) of the AAMC. The site has links to professional societies, information on postdoctoral organizations and issues related to career development.

  • The Chronicle of Higher Education-Chronicle Careers
    This is the archive of articles in the Chronicle Careers series, a continuing collection of short articles on issues related to the grad student, postdoctoral and early faculty years. These appear in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Information on "alternative" career options and a wide range of issues is presented.

  • NIH Career Workshop
    This site provides slide presentations and videos of workshops conducted at the National Institutes of Health to prepare their trainees (at the undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral levels) for a variety of career options.

  • Cheeky Scientist
    The 3rd edition of the "British English A to Zed" gives the definition of "cheeky" as "very impudent in speech or behavior."  This site is not merciful in its treatment of overbearing research advisors, living up to the definition,  but has considerable sound (if irreverent)  advice for graduate students and postdoctorals with a particular focus on those who have made a determination that academia is not a likely career path.
  • Cheeky Scientist - Top 20 Industry Positions for PHDs 

  • VCU Toastmasters
    The "Toastmasters" is an organization holding year-round weekly meetings every Wednesday from 12:05 - 12:50 p.m. in the School of Engineering.  This is a branch of an international organization providing public speaking and leadership skill building to anyone in the VCU community.  For information go to http://www.vcutoastmasters.com
  • Versatile PhD
    This website features the stories of scientists who have chosen to work in a wide variety of fields, including industry, science policy, outreach and more. The actual resumes and CVs that they used to land their jobs are available for trainees to review. There is a job posting board, live chats with employers, and meet ups.  The site is integrated with VCU Career Services and has information on the fields and a wealth of resources.  Reach this new resource for PhDs and postdocs exploring career opportunities: Versatile PhD

Basic Science Career Information