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M4 Electives

The Inova Campus M4 clinical experience mirrors that of the Richmond Campus. M4 is an elective year with over 50 electives offered on the Inova Campus in addition to approximately 232 electives offered on the Richmond Campus. Students also have opportunities for domestic, international and independent project electives.

You will find the M4 year to be the most enjoyable and memorable year as you are able to concentrate on fine tuning your clinical skills and gain more experience in the areas of medicine you find most interesting. Our electives program is designed to provide students with the opportunity to plan a significant part of their educational experience. Electives are chosen by the student with the assistance and approval of an assigned faculty career advisor. Students may choose electives to strengthen their knowledge in areas they feel deficient, to explore areas of particular interest, or to add new dimensions to their base of knowledge and experience.

The year is divided ino 12 four-week periods. There are Acting Internships, Advanced electives and a two week Capstone Course. Students need to pass Step 2 Clinical Skills and Clinical Knowledge exams and have a passing grade on an Inter-professional Assignment. An acting internship is a clinical experience (completed at VCU or affiliated hospital system - i.e. Inova) in which the medical student is expecteed to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes expected of a first year resident. All students must complete 2 acting internsihps. One must be an "inpatient ward" acting internship (labeled "AI" in M4 elective catalogue). The other must be an "intensive care" acting internship ("ICU" in the title in M4 elective catalogue exception: emergency medicine).

View the current M4 Electives.

Electives for Visiting Medical Students

A limited number of electives are available for students from other U.S. and Canadian LCME (Liaison Committee on Medical Education) accredited schools and Osteopathic schools, who have completed their junior year of clinical work and all required clerkships.

All visiting students must submit the following information in addition to a completed application form and application fee through VSAS (Visiting Student Application System - system of the Association of American Medical Colleges, AAMC):

  1. A letter of good standing from your institution
    • This should include proof of HIPPA and OSHA training
  2. Two letters of recommendation
    • Specifically recommending you for the elective rotation you are applying
  3. An official transcript of the students clinical performance to date
  4. A current CV provided by the student detailing the level of responsibility and breadth of experience in regards to the students desired clinical rotation
  5. A narrative explaining your interest in the specific rotation at Inova
  6. Proof of Student Malpractice Liability Insurance in the amounts of $2,250,000 Million INDIVIDUAL / $6,750,000 AGGREGATE (subject to Virginia minimum requirements)
  7. Proof of your own Personal Health Insurance Coverage (copy of front and back of card)
  8. Up to date immunizations
  9. Proof of passing USMLE Step 1 (MD Students), or COMLEX (DO Students)
  10. Photograph
  11. Social Security Number, Canadian SIN, or Visa Number
  12. English proficiency

It should be noted that VCU Inova Campus students have first priority for all Inova Campus electives and we try to accommodate extramural student requests for dates and disciplines whenever possible.

Due to the timing of preparing the schedules of our own students, extramural applications will NOT be accepted prior to June 1st. The catalog will be available for viewing by May 1st.

For more information, contact:
Amy Unger
Student Services Manager
Phone: 703-776-3249
E-mail: amy.unger@inova.org