Assistant Professor of Neurology
M.D.: VCU School of Medicine
Residency: Neurological Institute of New York at Columbia University Medical Center and New York Presbyterian Hospita
Most Recent Post: Clinical and Research Fellow in the Neuroimmunology Branch of the NIH’s National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

Oh joined the neurology department last summer after training for six years at the NIH as a clinical and research fellow. A graduate of VCU’s School of Medicine, he says he is pleased to be back on the MCV Campus. “The environment in our department is very supportive for physician-scientists,” he says.

Oh examines inflammatory responses involved in multiple sclerosis and participates in clinical studies of therapies that modulate these responses. He recently received a K12 Career Development Award from the NIH to pursue a new research direction. “I’ll be investigating neurodegenerative mechanisms that may pertain to the secondary progressive phase of MS,” he says.

In addition, Oh is developing a new center for comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis care on the MCV Campus that will give patients multidisciplinary care as well as the opportunity to enroll in trials of new therapies. He will submit the center for approval and affiliation with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society within the year.