Professor of Psychiatry
Last post: Johns Hopkins University

At Johns Hopkins University, Adam Rosenblatt customized his practice and research in psychiatry to focus on patients with major neuropsychiatric disorders. On the MCV Campus, he’ll direct the VCU Medical Center’s Geriatric Psychiatry Program and co-direct the Huntington Disease Program at the VCU Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Center. Rosenblatt loves to teach and will also focus on developing a geriatric neuropsychiatry fellowship in collaboration with the McGuire VA Medical Center.

Of his unusual mix of disciplines, Rosenblatt said, “Many people don’t have enough experience working with geriatric populations, for example, as an on-call psychiatrist at a nursing home.” These patients may have medical issues, such as multiple diagnoses and greater sensitivity to medications and their side effects. In addition, they may not have a strong support network or have trouble communicating.

On the Huntington’s disease front, Rosenblatt is interested in its long-course treatment as a neurological disease that also has a psychiatric component. “It’s a fairly uncommon disease, but it’s devastating and fatal,” he said. “And it strikes in the prime of life.” He says while the genetics of the disease are straightforward, the treatment of affected patients has plenty of room for improvement. He’ll team up with neurologist Claudia Testa, M.D., Ph.D., to focus on Huntington disease, offer a regional center for patient care and begin clinical studies.