Jason M. Kidd, M.D.Jason M. Kidd, M.D., Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, Division of Nephrology, joined the VCU faculty in 2013, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of complex patients with glomerulonephritis and vasculitis. He is a VCU SOM Graduate, M ’08, and completed his residency and Nephrology Fellowship at UNC Chapel Hill. He has served as Program Director for the Nephrology Fellowship Program since 2018 and is a Core Educator for the Internal Medicine Residency Program. Dr. Kidd is well known for his enthusiasm for clinical teaching and his ability to seamlessly integrate teaching effective for learners at all levels - and for his patients - into his clinical care.

“Despite the fact that I had just begun my clerkship…Dr. Kidd always made me feel like an integral part of the team. His non-judgmental teaching style allowed me to grow from my mistakes. He challenged me to always take a step back and consider the big picture…I am constantly inspired by Dr. Kidd’s compassion for his patients, not only providing them with top quality care, but also going the extra mile to ensure they feel truly listened to and a part of the team,” observes Benjamin Schwartz, M.D., VCU SOM Class of 2020, now a PGY-1 at Rush University Internal Medicine Program.

“What stood out to me about Dr. Kidd was his rapport with his patients. Patient after patient, Dr. Kidd would have difficult conversations about complex diseases in a way that was not threatening or patronizing. He showed tremendous patience when answering questions, just as he had shown me…Clinical teaching requires patience not just for students, but for patients as well,” observes William Hunter Hewlett, Medical Student, Class of 2023.
“One of the marks of an exemplary educator is the ability to convey knowledge to learners at all levels of education.” recalls Katie Bean, M.D., Nephrology Fellowship ’20. “His ability to assess a learner’s comprehension of a topic based on questioning and interpretation of nonverbal communication is uncanny; with these clues he can custom tailor teaching to meet the learner’s needs.”

Dr. Kidd is recognized for his interdisciplinary approach to teaching. Faten Ragaban, M.D., VCU Hospice and Palliative Medicine Fellow, recalls, “He finds new opportunities for learning…(he) was the first attending I’ve had that made it a priority to go to the pathology lab to look at biopsies… We learned so much and we were also able to give the pathologist more of a clinical picture for our patient…moving forward… I have gone to speak with pathologists about interesting cases multiple times. He also took us to the dialysis and plasmapheresis units to teach us…and to speak to patients about their experiences with them.” Dr. Kidd has been recognized by Internal Medicine housestaff with clinical teaching awards each year since 2015. He was named “Best Teacher” for the PCM Preceptor Course by medical students in 2018. Earlier this year, Dr. Kidd was honored with the 2020 Department of Internal Medicine Award for Excellence in Clinical Practice.

In recent months, clinical teaching has faced new obstacles, and Dr. Kidd has, not surprisingly, risen to the occasion. “When most programs shut down in-person education, Dr. Kidd pioneered socially distanced in-person + Zoom hybrid fellows’ conferences starting week 2 of the lockdown. He also started daily board review sessions with the fellows over e-mail, which turned out to be so engaging and appreciated, that it will continue in the upcoming academic year.” describes Anna Vinnikova, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Nephrology.

Dr. Kidd’s skills as an educator extend to his community peers. Todd W.B.Gehr, M.D., Sir Hans A. Krebs Chairman of Nephrology, attests, “As he has developed his unique expertise in glomerular diseases he has become the regional expert in this area. Educating our colleagues in the community has resulted in regional prominence in the treatment of these complicated patients.”