Kevin D. Keller, M.S.Residency and fellowship coordinators are a special group. They are the front office and back office of the program. They are often the cement that holds the many parts together and the oil that makes sure everything flows smoothly. They help to oversee the personal well-being of the program’s residents and fellows, attend to details like accreditation paperwork, individual evaluations, and countless other items. The success of a program is directly linked to the coordinator’s dedication, flexibility and people skills.

This year’s winner of the LGME Program Coordinator Award is Kevin Keller. Kevin received his bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology and master’s degree in psychology with a concentration in industrial and organizational psychology from Virginia Tech. Kevin cut his teeth learning the ins and outs of graduate medical education working for Germane Solutions, a GME consulting firm where he advised and collaborated with program directors, program coordinators, and executive leaders. He joined VCU Health as the GME Program Coordinator for the Department of Emergency Medicine in 2016.

Described as warm hearted and selfless, Kevin is the glue that helps to make the program as tightknit as it is. Dr. Joel Moll, the Emergency Medicine Program Director, describes Kevin as “an integral part of our residency team, is beloved by the residents for his tireless dedication to them, and through his actions elevates our program with his involvement in residency education… Kevin has a passion about our program, and most importantly our residents. He knows each of them very well, always asks about their lives not just their training, and cares that they are happy, supported, and able to migrate the complex world of graduate medical education. He has the pulse of the program and makes the residents feel like VCU EM is their family.” The program’s residents are equally enthusiastic. One PGY-3 resident comments “Kevin is an amazing program coordinator. From day one when I had my interview with the residency program till now, he has carried his position with a friendly and welcoming smile. He goes above and beyond to help whenever he can. He is extremely kind, warm-hearted, and selfless. On numerous occasions, Kevin has been there to support my academic pursuits. Whether I am trying to get funding to present at a conference or support me in my application to fellowship, Kevin has played a major real role in my academic accomplishments during residency.” A senior EM/IM resident tells us that “He's helped me tremendously not only navigate the deluge of paperwork involved in being a resident, but also at the intersection of life and a life in medicine. Honestly, I owe Kevin a huge thank you for helping me keep my head above the tide of administration so that I can focus on learning how to be a good doctor. I know Kevin always has our backs and our best interests at heart.”