Program Coordinators are leaders. They are the cement that holds the many parts of a program together and the oil that makes sure everything flows smoothly. A good program coordinator ensures that schedules are made and followed, that interview season is successful, and that residents get the evaluations and feedback that they need. Great program coordinators are problem solvers, mentors, innovators, and motivators.

Ms. Dubinsky received her bachelor’s degree in religious studies from Gettysburg College and Masters of Education degree in Adult Learning, Teaching and Learning with Technology track from Virginia Commonwealth University. She originally joined the VCU Health community in 2009 as a student worker in the Office of Graduate Medical Education and then moved into the GME Curriculum Coordinator position a few years later. In 2016, she joined the Department of Medicine where she worked as the M3 Clerkship Coordinator and since 2017 has served as the Residency Program Coordinator Senior.

She is a leader, mentor, and innovator. Ms. Dubinsky is an integral part of the program’s leadership team and widely respected by the housestaff and department’s fellowship program coordinators as a valued resource. She has a tremendous breadth of GME knowledge and has an expertise in assessment and evaluation. She works closely with an Associate Program Director to run the program’s evaluation system and Clinical Competency Committee. She regularly shares her expertise with program coordinators throughout VCU Health System and nationally at ACGME and Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine conferences. She has formal training as an executive coach and uses those skills to support the program’s core educator mentorship program as well as serve as a coach herself for trainees on learning plans requiring special attention to support their growth.

Allison’s creativity and enthusiasm for bringing people together show up in other unique and valued ways. For instance, in Spring 2020, she created and ran a nine-week virtual “Internal Medicine Idol” singing competition among the residents, fellows, and faculty. The endeavor served as a much-needed morale boost in the early phase of the pandemic and helped the department connect virtually when many people were feeling isolated. Participants and audience members both noted how it contributed to their wellbeing.

Ms. Dubinsky is the Program Coordinator’s Coordinator. She is a star in the Department of Medicine, within the GME community, and at VCU Health.