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School of Medicine Faculty

PonJola Coney, M.D.
Senior Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs
Phone: 804-828-6594
E-mail: ponjola.coney@vcuhealth.org

VCU Faculty and Staff

Kawana Pace-Harding
Employee Relations Manager, VCU Human Resources
Phone: 804-828-1510
E-mail: klpaceha@vcu.edu

Housestaff and Residents

Stephanie Call, M.D., M.S.P.H.
Interim Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education
Phone: 804-828-9783
E-mail: modonnel@mcvh-vcu.edu

Medical students

Susan DiGiovanni, M.D.
Interim Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education and Student Affairs
Phone: 804-827-1743
E-mail: susan.digiovanni@vcuhealth.org

Graduate Students (Ph.D., Master’s and Certificate Programs)

Jan Chlebowski, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Graduate Education
Phone: 804-828-1023
E-mail: jan.chlebowski@vcuhealth.org

McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) Employees

Karen Sanders, M.D.
Associate Chief of Staff for Education
Phone: 804-675-5249
E-mail: karen.sanders@med.va.gov