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Welcome to VCU School of Medicine

Standards and Policies

Welcome to Standards and Policies

Standards of Professional Behavior

These standards describe behaviors expected from all members of the School of Medicine (SOM) community, in educational, clinical, research and administrative settings. Professionalism is expected during all interactions, whether face-to-face or via telephone, video, email, or social networking technologies.

Members of the SOM Community will:

  • Recognize their positions as role models for others in all settings.
  • Carry out academic, clinical and research responsibilities in a conscientious manner, make every effort to exceed expectations and make a commitment to life-long learning.
  • Treat everyone in the SOM community with sensitivity to diversity in culture, age, gender, disability, social and economic status, sexual orientation, and other personal characteristics without discrimination, bias or harassment.
  • Maintain patient, research subject, and student confidentiality.
  • Be respectful of the privacy of all members of the SOM community and avoid promoting gossip and rumor.
  • Interact with all other members of the SOM community in a helpful and supportive fashion without arrogance and with respect and recognition of the roles played by each individual.
  • Provide help or seek assistance for any member of the SOM community who is recognized as impaired in his/her ability to perform his/her professional obligations.
  • Be mindful of the limits of one’s knowledge and abilities and seek help from others whenever appropriate.
  • Abide by accepted ethical standards in scholarship,research and standards of patient care.
  • Abide by the guidelines of the VCU Honor System [PDF].

These standards were proposed by the Professionalism Committee , adopted by the School of Medicine in September 2001, and updated in September, 2010. The standards are also available in print in the form of pocket cards and posters. For print copies, contact:

Debbie Stewart
Phone: 804-828-6591
E-mail: dstewart@vcu.edu