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Welcome to VCU School of Medicine

Office of Assessment, Evaluation, and Scholarship

Welcome to Office of Assessment, Evaluation, and Scholarship


The mission of the Assessment, Evaluation, and Scholarship Program is to: a) improve education and clinical effectiveness by exploring the longitudinal and ongoing professional development of physicians as learners, including measurement of knowledge, attitudes, behaviors, and outcomes (including patient and population health outcomes), b) promote educational scholarship through collaboration and professional/career development of faculty and others, and provide leadership and support of faculty and programs to address creative assessment and novel approaches to medical education, research development, and health care, and c) develop innovative research to facilitate outcomes analysis and quality improvement in medical student, resident, and physician learning to include education across the continuum.


The goals of the Office of Assessment,Evaluation, and Scholarship are to offer services and collaborations that:

  • Improve education and clinical effectiveness by exploring the professional development of physicians, including their learning, clinical behavior, and patient outcomes
  • Enhance the assessment of learners in undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education
  • Support organizational self-study
  • Analyze costs, effectiveness, and benefits of select projects or programs
  • Improve the training and research productivity of those interested in conducting clinical, translational, and educational research under the auspices of VCU

Assistance with Research or Evaluation Projects

The Office of Assessment, Evaluation, and Scholarship provides consultation and implementation services to VCU School of Medicine faculty, residents, and medical students in the areas of:

  • Education research design
  • Program evaluation design
  • Data collection and data management
  • Statistical analysis and interpretation in the context of education research
  • Abstract and manuscript preparation
  • Validity and reliability of assessment tools

If you are interested in research and evaluation assistance, please contact our program coordinator, Meagan Rawls (Meagan.Rawls@vcuhealth.org).

Faculty and Staff

Sally Santen, M.D., Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean, Assessment, Evaluation, and Scholarship
Email: Sally.Santen@vcuhealth.org
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Paul E. Mazmanian, Ph.D.
Associate dean, Assessment and Evaluation Studies
Email: Paul.Mazmanian@vcuhealth.org
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Nital Appelbaum, Ph.D.
Assistant professor
Email: Nital.Appelbaum@vcuhealth.org
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Deborah DiazGranados, Ph.D.
Assistant professor
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Kathleen Kreutzer, M.Ed.
Email: Kathleen.Kreutzer@vcuhealth.org
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Kelly Lockeman, Ph.D.
Assistant professor
Director of Evaluation and Assessment, VCU Center for Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Care
Email: Kelly.Lockeman@vcuhealth.org
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Moshe Feldman, Ph.D.
Assistant professor
Email: Moshe.Feldman@vcuhealth.org
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Meagan Rawls, M.S.
Program Coordinator
Email: Meagan.Rawls@vcuhealth.org
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Jake Stringer, B.S.
Graduate Research Assistant
Email: JK.Stringer1@vcuhealth.org
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Contact Us

Office of Assessment, Evaluation, and Scholarship
730 East Broad Street
Theater Row Building, Suite 4200
Box 980466
Richmond, Virginia 23298-0048
Phone: (804) 827-0425
Toll free: (800) 413-2872
Email: AESMEDEVAL@vcuhealth.org