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Welcome to VCU School of Medicine

Application Guidelines

Welcome to Application Guidelines


  • Our selection committee reviews and accepts interns with a holistic view of the entire application. Demonstrated academic ability, past experiences, as well as attributes of character and personality are significant in the selection process.
  • Read the entire application and be sure to complete all sections.
  • The documents are set to use forms. Type in the given gray space and the form will expand to accommodate your typing. You can tab between fields. Please be concise in your answers.
  • After completing your application, please email it to vcumsip@gmail.com. We will send you a confirmation email when we receive it.
  • Important: Due to the high number of applications we receive each year, please add your first name, last name, and the year to the file name of your application (e.g. FIRSTNAME, LASTNAME 2019application.doc).
  • After emailing the application to vcumsip@gmail.com by the deadline, please check your email on a regular basis. Email is our primary means of communication. Please do not mail in your application or any other documents.
  • Keep a copy of your completed application for your records.
  • As part of the "VCU Goes Green" initiative, we will be accepting electronic scans of supporting documents such as transcripts and standardized test scores.


Click here for application  (2019 application now available)

Reference Writer:

  • Completed reference form must be emailed from the reference writer's email address to vcumsip@gmail.com by the deadline. Please do not mail in the reference form.
  • Please add the applicant's first and last name to the file name before sending. (e.g. FIRSTNAME, LASTNAME 2019referenceform.doc)


2019 MSIP Reference Writer Form  (2019 reference form now available)