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Program Information

Welcome to Program Information

For six weeks, each intern will be paired with a VCU researcher/scientist, either on the Monroe Park campus or the MCV campus. Under the guidance of the lab mentor, interns will work on a research project. Interns will work in a lab environment and conduct research by proposing hypotheses, performing experiments, and analyzing results. Interns will typically be working in the lab Monday – Friday and may average 30+ hours a week. During the last week of the program, the interns will present their projects to their peers, friends, family, and the VCU community. 

During the program, the interns will have the opportunity to attend weekly seminars and events sponsored by VCU or by organizations affiliated with VCU. Further information
regarding the seminars and events will be provided to the interns once the program begins. 

Unfortunately at this time, VCU MSIP will not be able to offer the interns a stipend.

MSIP has foundational support from the VCU Center on Health Disparities and the VCU School of Medicine Admissions.