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Medical College of Virginia Campus of Virginia Commonwealth University Women In Science, Dentistry, and Medicine Faculty Organization

Revised 6/2016

ARTICLE I: Purpose

  1. To support and promote the career development of women faculty who work in the fields of Science, Medicine, Dentistry, and other health science professions.
  2. To promote scientific and teaching excellence in women faculty of Virginia Commonwealth University
  3. To increase the representation, participation and leadership of women in the organizational structure of Virginia Commonwealth University and its standing committees.
  4. To promote equity for women with regard to faculty status, salary, and promotion and tenure.
  5. To promote the development and enhancement of leadership skills, networking opportunities, scholarship and career development.
  6. To facilitate communication and networking among women in science, medicine and dentistry at the undergraduate, post-graduate, and faculty levels.
  7. To provide mentorship and support for women housestaff, faculty, and medical, dental and graduate students.
  8. To support VCU policies related to the prevention of discrimination and harassment at all levels.
  9. To create and promote a positive and healthy work environment for women.
  10. To sponsor and support high-quality faculty development opportunities for all faculty within Virginia Commonwealth University.
  11. To build a supportive community for women, from both within and outside the institution.

ARTICLE II: Membership

Membership in this organization is open to those who meet the qualifications for membership, pay the membership fees as determined by the organization, and comply with these bylaws.


    1. Members:  Membership is open to all women faculty, students, housestaff, fellows, and post-docs at VCU who pay a one-time membership fee.
    2. Members are invited and encouraged to participate in any and all events and meetings. 
    3. Our male colleagues are welcome to participate in our professional development programs, as well. 
    4. Fees are requested and collected at the time an individual initiates membership in WISDM.
    5. The organization may reprimand or expel any member for conduct which is determined to be detrimental to the best interests of the organization. Such action shall require a two-thirds majority vote of the Executive Council. The member against whom such action is taken shall be afforded the opportunity to be heard according to reasonable procedures established by the council.


  1. The Officers of the organization shall be President, President-Elect, Immediate Past-President, Treasurer and Secretary, and Members at Large. No person may be elected to more than one office concurrently.
  2. Nominations for slates of officers shall be proposed by the Nominating Committee.
  3. The officers shall be elected by ballot of the members. Term of office shall be two years with the right of renewal for one additional term.
  4. Duties of the officers:

Section 1. Immediate Past-President

The duties of the Past-President shall include (1) serving as an advisor to the officers and the Executive Council (2) serving as a voting member of the Executive Council, and (3) serving as Chairperson of the Nominating Committee.

Section 2. President

The President shall manage and direct the overall functioning of the organization. The specific duties of the president shall include (1) serving as Chairperson of the Executive Council, (2) presiding at the general business portion of all meetings, (3) calling special meetings as needed, (4) appointing members to the Nominating Committee and to special ad hoc committees as needed, (5) filling any vacancy that arises on the Council with the approval of the Executive Council, and (6) assuring that incoming Officers and Chairpersons are properly oriented.

Section 3. President-Elect

The president-elect shall (1) serve as a voting member of the Executive Council and (2) assist the President and act in the President's absence.

Section 4. Secretary

The duties of the Secretary shall include (1) taking and keeping all minutes of the Executive Council and of the business portion of all general meetings, (2) keeping reports on file when appropriate, (3) handling the correspondence of the group, (4) notifying members of the Executive Council of meeting dates, and (5) maintaining the archives of the association.

Section 5. Treasurer

The duties of the Treasurer shall include (1) handling all funds of the organization, (2) paying all bills, (3) keeping accounts of all expenditures and receipts of the group, (4) making monthly status reports to the Executive Council, (5) maintaining the roster of members.

Section 6. Member at Large

The duties of member-at-large shall include (1) becoming familiar with the operations of the organization and (2) performing any duties requested by the President. No more than three members-at-large shall serve as officers.

ARTICLE IV: Executive Council

  1. The Executive Council will consist of the following:
    • The Officers of the organization
    • The Chairpersons of all the committees
    • Women in Medicine Student Organization (WIMSO) Faculty Advisor
    • Women in Science (WIS) Faculty Advisor
    • Student Delegates (one elected representative from each student body)
    • Housestaff Delegates (maximum of 2 representatives)
    • Members at Large: maximum of 3 elected members at large
    • Ex-officio (non-voting) members of the Executive Council shall include the Women's Liaison Officer (WLO) to the AAMC, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, and the Associate Dean for Professional Instruction and Faculty Development.
  2. All members of the Executive Council, except as noted, are entitled to vote on matters that come before the Council.

ARTICLE V: Committees of the organization

  1. Membership on committees is open to all members. Committee chairs are appointed by the president and serve at least one-year term of office. Chairs may be relieved of their positions at the discretion of the president, with concurrence of the Executive Council. Committee members shall be entitled to vote on matters that come before the committee.
    1. Nominating and Awards Committee: This committee shall recruit potential candidates to serve as officers of the organization and review and make selections for the WISDM Professional Achievement Awards.
    2. Professional Development and Programming Committee: This committee shall plan and direct any yearly activities, including professional development functions, the annual meeting, and any others as decided upon by the Executive Council.
  2. At any later date and time, the Executive Council may vote to establish new committees or abolish old committees in ways that further the best interests of the organization.

ARTICLE VI: Meetings

  1. Meetings shall be scheduled at the discretion of the Executive Council. There shall be no less than six meetings per year.
  2. All meetings shall be open to all organization members and their guests. The dates will be published in advance on the organization's website.

ARTICLE VII: Elections

  1. Nominees for Officers of the Executive Council and Members-at-Large will be solicited in the spring of every odd year. Candidates will be presented to the general membership by ballot in the spring/summer of every even numbered year. Elections will be held by email. Terms of office shall begin in the fall semester following the election.

ARTICLE VIII: Amendment of the Bylaws

An amendment of these bylaws may be proposed by majority vote of the Executive Council, or by written petition of 20 or more members in good standing. The proposed amendments, with an attached ballot, shall be sent by email to all members in good standing. Approval shall require an affirmative vote by a majority of the members voting. At least three weeks shall be allowed between the mailing of the ballots and the determination of the results of the proposed amendments. Proposed amendments will be considered by the organization within the same academic year if submitted by April 1 of that year. Bylaws amendments may be added to the election ballots in even-numbered years.

ARTICLE IX: Ratification of these bylaws

These bylaws shall become effective when approved by a majority of the organization's members voting. Bylaws shall be given to all new members of the Executive Council on a yearly basis. Changes in the bylaws should be considered by the Executive Council before submission to the general membership.