Interview Day

Congratulations! The VCU School of Medicine Admissions Committee is interested in inviting you for an interview.

Because of the ongoing complications brought about by COVID-19, your VCU School of Medicine interview will be conducted online. The interview process will be in a multiple mini-interview (MMI) format that is live and interactive.

There will be a 9:00 AM interview and a 1:00 PM interview option, with a combined 11:00 AM information session. Your Zoom log-in time will depend upon your chosen interview time. If you choose an AM time, you are expected to log onto Zoom by 8:30 AM. If you choose a PM time, you are expected to log in for the information session at 11:00 AM. Please note all times, both interview and information session, are Eastern Standard Time (EST). We encourage applicants in Mountain or Pacific time zones to select the PM interview, if available.

You may now use the “Schedule Interview” tool, located in the navigation bar on your Applicant Portal to schedule your VCU MMI. You should be certain that you will be available to complete your online MMI for VCU School of Medicine before you submit your selection. Be advised: we anticipate that applicants will spend approximately 4-5 hours online with us during the interview day.

You have seven days from the date of the e-mail notifying you of an application status change, on your student portal, to schedule your VCU MMI interview . Failure to schedule your online MMI interview before the deadline will result in withdrawal of your application. If you wish to withdraw your application before your interview date, please log onto your portal and withdraw your application. If cancelling < 5 business days prior to your scheduled interview please call (804) 828-9629.

If you need to reschedule your interview, use the “Reschedule Interview” tool, located in the navigation bar on the Applicant Portal. Please keep in mind that you will only be able to reschedule your interview once using the Rescheduling tool. Keep in mind that should you need to reschedule your interview and you are within 7 days of your currently scheduled interview, the “Reschedule Interview” tool cannot be used. In this instance, you must communicate with the Admissions Office by phone at (804) 828-9629.

We look forward to seeing you on interview day. More details, including the schedule for the day, will be available to you after you have selected your interview date and time.

Selection Process

We hope the general information provided below will help you to better understand our admissions process. Interviews are conducted August through March, and our admissions process is structured so that seats remain available for applicants who are reviewed and interviewed later in the application cycle. Applicants are not negatively affected by the timing of the application review or interview. It is very common for applications to be held for an interview decision, for comparison to the larger applicant pool that evolves over the year. Please do not call the office if your status has not changed; as soon as a decision is made, your status will be updated. Our staff has no information beyond that listed on the Applicant Portal status page. The office staff is unable to project when you will receive the next status update. Please use the Applicant Portal account to track your application status. Your patience is appreciated as we give individual consideration to all applications.

Currently Approved Technical Standards