Funding Priorities

The School of Medicine has many needs that can be addressed by philanthropy at different levels of support.

Unrestricted Gifts
Unrestricted gifts are directed to the Annual Fund, the medical school’s only source of flexible current-year funds. Generally, all gifts below $10,000 serve the medical school best in the Annual Fund.

Restricted Gifts
Restricted gifts may be directed to any existing fund at the MCV Foundation for the benefit of a particular specialty or program to support the donor’s personal interest.

Endowed Gifts
A minimum pledge of $25,000 made either through a current gift or by bequest, establishes an endowed named fund. The principal is preserved and between 4–5 percent of the fund’s market value supports the activities of the fund. Any additional income is reinvested to the fund.

The School of Medicine Annual Fund: Building a Legacy

The foremost goal of the fund is to encourage the greatest number of alumni and friends to participate, at any gift level, every year.

The Annual Fund is the only vehicle for unrestricted giving to immediate needs in the School of Medicine. Gifts to this fund support key initiatives and are apportioned at the discretion of the Dean of the medical school. This year, gifts of all sizes will combine and 100 percent of the fund will be used to create Aesculapian Scholarships, which are scholarships used to recruit top incoming students as well as to reward current students who demonstrate outstanding merit.

Limiting tuition increases and increasing financial aid are important parts of the Dean's strategy to make a medical education more affordable for our students.

If you would like to talk with someone about the Annual Fund, contact:

Jack Carmichael 
Phone: 804-827-4931 or 800-332-8813


Scholarships continue to be a high-priority need for the medical school.

Since 1990, the generosity of donors in helping to address this crisis has led to the establishment of 128 privately-funded scholarships that provide 253 awards totaling almost $1.1 million annually. The Commonwealth of Virginia provides some scholarship assistance as well through the Commonwealth Funds.

Privately endowed scholarships at the medical school are a combination of need-based and merit-based awards. When each fund was established, donors outlined the criteria used to select the student recipients. Some scholarships support students considering a certain specialty or from a particular geographic region. Others reward those who have distinguished themselves through community service or academic merit.

The medical school's financial aid office keeps students informed of all scholarship and loan opportunities and provides counseling to students on debt management. The School of Medicine Scholarship Committee is responsible for making the awards of both need- and merit-based scholarships. The committee also works with the School of Medicine Admissions Committee to award the various recruitment scholarships. Beginning in 2001, all students were required to complete an online scholarship application to be eligible for an award.

1838 Scholarship Campaign

To celebrate the year in which MCV was founded, the medical school has launched the 1838 Campaign.

The $25-million campaign will build the medical school's scholarship endowment into a resource on par with our peer schools and kicked off with a $1 million gift from the Grandis family.

The 1838 Campaign is a vital step toward our goal of providing meaningful scholarship support for students with financial need. The campaign will give our school a competitive edge for recruiting top students, rewarding student excellence and reducing the burden of debt that is too often an inescapable part of choosing a career in medicine.

The campaign will close on June 30, 2020. You can help make medical education more affordable.

Make a gift online

To learn more about the 1838 Scholarship Campaign, contact the medical school's development office at (800) 332-8813 or

Named Professorships and Chairs

Endowed professorships and chairs are crucial to the task of attracting and retaining an exceptional faculty.

They are powerful fuel for the overall mission of the academic medical center. Such support has the ability to attract renowned teachers and clinicians and augment the research of a top scientist.

The number of endowed professorships speaks to the financial strength of an institution. For the department designated the recipient of such special support, increased prestige and financial stability are but two of the rewards.

Support for Research

Recent biomedical discoveries have opened doors to unprecedented promise for medical research and human health.

In the School of Medicine, we’ve seen advances in the understanding of schizophrenia and in cardiac preconditioning that could lead to better treatments and improved lives. Research studies in liver transplantation and radiation oncology have already delivered findings that have changed the way we approach disease.

In addition to promoting better patient care, these research endeavors provide our students the chance to preview the future of medicine as they study with faculty who are generating tomorrow’s advances in today’s clinics and laboratories.

Department Fundraising

The School of Medicine Development Office, the VCU Health Development Office and the MCV Foundation assist the school’s departments in building relationships with their house officer alumni and grateful patients. In recent years, departments and divisions of the medical school have benefited from the generosity of their alumni and patients, many of whom have supported research funds, lectureships, fellowships and professorships.

If you are interested in supporting the work of a particular department or division of the medical school, or you would like more information about the fundraising efforts or staff dedicated to a particular department or division, please contact the School of Medicine Development Office at 804-828-4800 or 800-332-8813.