Congratulations! The VCU School of Medicine Admissions Committee has invited you for an interview.Designed to assess skills that cannot be measured through academic transcripts or exam scores, we use the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) method via Zoom.

The process involves a series of six to eight interview stations of varied times, centered on a specific scenario and evaluated by a group of individuals representing the School of Medicine. These scenarios assess interpersonal competencies that are essential to success in medical school, including critical thinking, communication and ethics.

Interviews take place each year from late August through early March. Applicants selected for an interview will be notified through our applicant portal with all pertinent information relating to the interview scheduling, interview day timeline and Zoom interview etiquette.

Selection Process

Interviews are conducted August through March, and the admissions process is structured so that seats remain available for applicants who are reviewed and interviewed later in the application cycle. The timing of an application review or interview will not negatively impact an applicant’s chances of admission.

It is very common for applications to be held for an interview decision. Please do not call the office if your status has not changed; as soon as a decision is made, your status will be updated. Our staff has no information beyond that listed on the Applicant Portal status page. Please use the Applicant Portal account to track your application status. We appreciate your patience as we give individual consideration to all applications.

Contact Us

For interview inquiries and rescheduling, please contact:

Anna Leonard
Admissions Program Specialist