We consider the whole applicant.Thank you for considering VCU School of Medicine (VCU SOM) for your medical education. Our goal is to select the next class of capable, well-rounded and driven students to join our community.

While grades and exam scores are important representations of an applicant’s academic experiences, we are committed to considering more than just metrics in our admissions process. By using the AAMC’s Holistic Review method, we also weigh how each applicant may benefit from and contribute to VCU School of Medicine’s learning environment and the medical profession as a future physician.

M.D. Admissions Process

Step 1: AMCAS Application

VCU SOM AMCAS Early Decision deadline: Aug. 1 
VCU SOM AMCAS deadline: Oct. 15

VCU SOM participates in the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) cycle, which runs from June to December. VCU SOM accepts Early Decision and regular M.D. applications and will not review incomplete or unverified AMCAS applications.

All applicants are required to submit valid Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) scores. Applicants can register for the MCAT here.

MCAT requirements
Minimum score: 503
Average score: 512

Undergraduate GP requirements
Minimum score: 3.3
Average score: 3.79

Medical School Admissions Timeline

  • Early May

    AMCAS applications are available

  • Early June

    AMCAS applications may be submitted

  • July—December

    Select applicants are invited to submit supplemental application materials

  • August—March

    Select applicants are invited for interviews

  • October 1

    Early Decision offer date

  • October 15

    VCU SOM AMCAS submission deadline

  • October 16, December 16, February 1, March 1

    Offer dates

  • January 30

    Deadline to submit supplemental application

  • April 30

    Last date to receive refund of deposit after withdrawal

  • Late July

    Fall semester begins with Transition to Medical School

Academic Requirements

There is no single path to getting into medical school, and no two applicants are the same. With our holistic review of all submitted materials, we measure excellence and potential across a broad range of criteria and qualifications.

VCU Honors College Guaranteed Admission

For high school seniors

The eight-year Guaranteed Admission Program for Medicine allows highly qualified students to gain acceptance to VCU School of Medicine, provided they meet all requirements of the Guaranteed Admission Program while enrolled at VCU Honors College.

Learn more about the Guaranteed Admission Program

For premedical freshmen and sophomores

The Preferred Applicant Track for Medicine offers premedical students an opportunity to apply to the VCU Honors College Guaranteed Admission Program for Medicine at the end of their sophomore year at VCU. After successful completion of this process, students are offered acceptance to VCU School of Medicine.

Learn more about the Preferred Applicant Track for Medicine

Contact the Office of Admissions

Name: Email: Contact for questions about:
Donna Jackson, Ed.D. Donna.Jackson@vcuhealth.org Advising
Prerequisite questions
Status updates
Student outreach
Keith Baker, Ph.D. Keith.Baker@vcuhealth.org Advising
Management of application
MMI process
Anna Leonard Anna.Leonard@vcuhealth.org MMI process
Interview scheduling
Shenia Tyler Shenia.Tyler@vcuhealth.org Proof of enrollment letter
Proof of permanent residence (green card)
Supplemental and matriculation fee
Natalia O’Brien Natalia.Obrien@vcuhealth.org Campus visits
Student outreach programming and advising
Lonnell Wiggins Lonnell.Wiggins@vcuhealth.org General questions
Proof of permanent residence (green card)