What will you be?

She could have been an astronaut. Instead the Class of 2018's Rebecka Hoffman will head to Yale University to begin her emergency medicine residency.

Classmate Justin Mauser might have been a park ranger. Yet in July he'll begin training in family medicine at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center.

Brittany Cornfield could have been a tap dancer. Now she'll complete her pediatrics residency at Oregon Health and Science University.

The members of the Class of 2018 could have been many things but on Match Day, March 16, they each took one step closer to achieving another goal: becoming doctors. This year's theme "What would you be if you weren't an M.D." showed off the creativity of the class as they marked the annual rite of passage when fourth-year medical students around the country learn their residency training destinations.

"It's a huge relief," says Hoffman, adding that Yale was her top choice. "It's been a long road and I'm excited for the next adventure. I'm going to miss my VCU family - they've been so supportive - but I'm excited for more responsibility."

So is Laura Pedersen, who will stay at VCU Health to train in internal medicine. "I'm ready to start really helping people," says a tearful Pedersen in a mermaid costume. "These are happy tears. I'm very happy to be staying at VCU."

Thirty-four students (17%) will remain at VCU Health (including VCU-affiliated Family Medicine residency programs) for the duration of their residency training, with 9 students completing preliminary training here in either Internal Medicine or General Surgery - an increase of over 5% from last year.  

The medical community prepares to welcome a class that could have followed many paths - careers as a chef, climbing guide, owner of a dog treat bakery, Starbucks barista, a would-be Jane Goodall, couch potatoes, Instafamous beauty bloggers and fitness experts on Instagram, artists, professional athletes or, even as one student delicately put it, debt-free.

Luckily, no matter what else called to them or stood in their way, they chose to pursue medicine on the MCV Campus.

But wait - who says they're done yet?

"I still want to be an astronaut," Hoffman says with a sly smile.

2018 Match Results

VCU School of Medicine is pleased to announce the results of the 2018 Main Residency Match. 94.6% of our graduating students matched into a PGY-1 position prior to the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP), slightly higher than the national average of 94.3%. At the conclusion of SOAP, over 98.5% of our seniors have obtained a position in a residency training program.

  • 91 students (44%) matched into primary care specialties: 36 in Internal Medicine; 34 in Family Medicine; 14 in Pediatrics; and 7 in Combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics.  
  • 21 of our students matched into Emergency Medicine;
  • 13 into OB-GYN;
  • 10 into General Surgery;
  • 7 into Orthopedic Surgery;
  • 6 each into Anesthesiology and Diagnostic Radiology;
  • 4 each into Dermatology and Psychiatry;
  • 3 each into Neurosurgery and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation;
  • 2 each into Integrated Plastic Surgery, Interventional Radiology, Neurology, Otolaryngology and Radiation Oncology;
  • 1 each into Child Neurology, combined Internal Medicine/Preventative Medicine and Pathology.

When including early match results with six students matching into Ophthalmology, three into Urology, and five into military programs, the Class of 2018 performed exceptionally well in the increasingly competitive residency match process.

"The success of our students is a reflection of the outstanding integrated, clinically-focused training our students receive under the C3 Curriculum," says Chris Woleben, M.D., the medical school's associate dean for student affairs. "It has been a privilege getting to see our students determine their professional identity within medicine, and we look forward to keeping in touch with our graduating students as they become proud alumni of VCU School of Medicine."

"Often their talents and skills pave the way for future students to match into strong residency programs across the country and here in Virginia. We would like to thank all of our faculty advisors for the time and energy they have spent helping our medical students attain their career goals."

2018 Match List

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