The Class of 2023's Krishna Ravindra smiling in his white coat and sitting on a couch in McGlothlin Medical Education Center

The Class of 2023’s Krishna Ravindra says VCU Link will help connect students and alumni, opening the door to mentorship opportunities and residency program advice.

The School of Medicine’s Alumni Connect student interest group is asking alumni to join VCU Link, the university’s online community for career advice and networking.

Alumni Connect co-founder Krishna Ravindra, vice president of the Class of 2023, says VCU Link dovetails with his student organization’s goal to provide a community of knowledge and resources that extend beyond the training of medical school.

“When students are applying to residency programs and going on interviews, we only have 24 to 48 hours to get a glimpse of what life is like in that city and medical center,” Ravindra says. “Reaching out to alumni from those programs about why they chose to go there and what their experiences were like would be invaluable.”

VCU Link provides both undergraduate and graduate students a professional and easy way to contact alumni who’ve signed up to be a resource – from providing insight on a residency program to serving as mentors for medical or pre-medical students. Alumni can control their availability and level of participation in the online platform.

“Remember what it was like to be a med student — perpetually lost and looking for guidance,” Ravindra says. “The value of a strong mentor and honest, unfiltered opinions cannot be overstated. When you find a good mentor, it can advance your career and take you places you didn’t know you could go.”

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